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Army Equipment - What to Bring When You Go In

Based on original material by Eli Birnbaum

The following is a list which we have accumulated from many sources. This list is intended for those of you who are about to go into basic training. If you have finished your army service and are now only doing reserves, then (depending on where you are based and what your job is) it is often a good idea to bring some good books and a pillow.

Note: Many people actually go into the army with very little and eventually get what they need. Many of these items listed are specific for infantry units and are not necessary for other units. Finally, the list is divided into items which, according to the soldiers interviewed, are more important and those which are really add on's.

  • 1 old tooth brush (good for cleaning guns).
  • Extra bootlaces and elastic for holding your pants cuffs.
  • Sewing kit - learn to use it: On your first leave, re-sew the buttons on all uniforms (A and B) to secure them. Also sew elastic strips into bottom of pants legs. Make sure your kit includes the nameless instrument that helps you to thread a needle.
  • Sakinei yapani - razor cutting knives .
  • 2 cigarette lighters.
  • Black shoe polish (cream) tip: You can re-blacken your weapon by putting black cream shoe polish on the barrel and bonding it to the gun with a light.
  • Shoe polish rags, brush.
  • Plastic garbage bags - for laundry. They are also good for putting over your boots after you've polished them and still have to clean the tent .
  • Liquid shoe polish for those quickie jobs.

Add on's

  • 2-3 rolls "aizoleerband" - black electrical tape.
  • 1 roll wire (thinner than a hanger, thicker than electrical wire) .
  • 1 pair pliers with wire cutter .
  • Some big, long nails OR one long screwdriver with a narrow head, so when using the Flanelit you can get everywhere!
  • Lots of Scotch Pads for cleaning rust off rifles (don't let the mefaked see them).
  • Mirror.
  • FOOD:  Never bring chocolate and such - it'll melt before you get to base as well as make you thirsty! Cakes and cookies are better.
  • Sheets of plastic for covering up pup tents (if kravi) and for sealing bandages, documents etc.
  • Used infusion cases are best for sealing little things. Hospitals already know to keep them for soldiers. Also make one plastic case from an infusion case the size of your B- shirt pocket in order  to secure pens, etc. to the plastic case so you don't have to remove them when you change shirts.
  • Tupperware containers or Ziplock bags for storing tefillin and anything you don't want to get wet.
  • A Chimmidan (it means "suitcase" in Russian) - a gym bag for carrying all of the above. The Hagor company makes a roomy one with side pockets in different sizes.
  • Black plastic clips for holding the strap - better than metal clips where the black color scrapes off. They tend to squeak a bit, which gets pretty annoying when it's the only thing you hear for hours of walking at night! More about black plastic - use black Azikons so you don't have to paint them (Azikons are used mainly to keep the water canteens from banging against the rest of the Efod and to adjust the length of the straps). Take some clips out of your helmet to clip pens etc. onto your shirt.
  • 3 key locks - for 2 kit bags and the chimmidan.
  •  Dog leash hook for clipping keys to belt loop.
  • A good watch with a second hand, and a good watch cover.
  •  Eyeglass leash.
  • Soap (shampoo optional)
  • Tzemer-Gefen (cotton).
  • Coffee pills (Sukariot Cafe) can help pass the night shift, but garinim are healthier and taste better as well.
  • "Shkufim" - plastic sandals.
  • Cotton ear buds, but not for cleaning your ears. They're perfect for cleaning out the itsy-bitsy little areas of your weapon (especially the M16), which are otherwise impossible to clean.
  • Underwear for at least one week, including socks
  • Sheets
  • Shaving kit
  • Sneakers
  • Sweatpants

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