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Nitzana Educational Community

Nitzana is an educational community and settlement in the Negev, located close to the border between Israel and Egypt, 70 km. northwest of Beer Sheva. The community was established in 1986 by Arie Lova Eliav and the Jewish Agency. Our village offers an extraordinary education in a unique setting for young people from Israel and abroad. more

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Nitzana Helps ADHD Pupil Realize Potential - 4/8/2011
From the young age of five, Daniel, now sixteen, from Pisgat Ze'ev, Jerusalem, was convinced not only by his doctor, teachers, and society - but also by himself that he indeed had learning
Skilled Volunteers for Israel - Desert Pioneers at Nitzana - 4/8/2011
by Gina Milano, New Jersey and Roseli Ejzenberg, Maryland We are pioneers in the desert in more ways than one. We are volunteers from the new organization "Skilled Volunteers for Israel".

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