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Frayda Kresch
"Nativ opened my eyes to how important education is in breaking down
barriers and stereotypes. I know that my soldiers are learning so much
about Judaism and Israel on this program. At the same time, I have grown
so much from knowing them”.
Frayda Kresh, a Mahal (overseas volunteer) non-commissioned officer in Nativ

Nativ pluralistically introduces participants to the many interpretations and streams of Judaism while focusing on five major subjects: Bible, History of the Jewish People, Zionism and the State of Israel, Jewish philosophy and Jewish practice.

Olga Ivashko came to Israel from Belarus and chose to serve her new country by joining the army as a lone immigrant soldier. Although Olga received Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return (her father is Jewish), Olga was not considered Jewish according to Jewish law. Nativ was developed in full cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces to ensure the full integration of immigrant soldiers such as Olga into Israeli society.

“I am glad I chose to do this course,” says Olga. “I feel more connected to my Jewish identity.”

Meet the participants – hear their stories.

You will never get any closer to the core of Israel and the mosaic of cultures that make the country what it is than through your meetings with Nativ immigrant soldiers from all over the world.

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