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Summer Camps 2010
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The Transformative Experience of Jewish Agency Summer Camps
We are pleased to inform all of our readers that the FSU Summer Camps Blog 2010 is back!  In keeping with our tradition, this year's blog posts will chronicle key activities taking place in our summer camps, located in 14 different locations across the FSU. This summer there will be close to 5,000 children and youngsters, ages 7 -17, attending the summer camps. This blog attempts to give you a taste of what these young people experience. Read more...

August 1 -16th / Av-Elul 5770

Exploring Jewish and Universal Values in the
Jewish Agency Summer Camp in Khabarovsk, Russia
Ages 14-17

Campers in the Jewish Agency summer camp in Khabarovsk delved deeply into the world of Jewish values, both Jewish and universal ones. Each day of camp was devoted to a different set of values and the campers were encouraged to ask questions and share their opinions with about the values they learned about.

The focus of the camp was on universal and Jewish values
but there was also time for arts and crafts.

 July 21-28, 2010 / Av 5770

Special atmosphere created on Shabbat at the Jewish Agency summer camp in Novosibirsk, Siberia
Ages: 13-16

A senior group of campers created a unique Shabbat experience for all other campers by leading discussions on how Shabbat is different from all the other days of the week and how it is a time for reflection. Read more...

The inscription on the mirror reads, "Look around and smile to yourself." All the campers did just that. When they passed by the mirror, they looked at it, talked, and smiled."

August 12- 19, 2010/ Elul 5770

"Building our own 'mini Jewish State' in the Jewish Agency summer camp Tashkent, Uzbekistan."
Ages: 13-17

Campers built their own 'mini Jewish State' to reflect on the question of what it means for them to be Jewish and to strengthen their connection to Israel. By establishing the 'mini Jewish State', the campers created an extraordinary atmosphere of Jewish life at the camp enabling the campers to learn more about themselves, their Jewish identity, and their relationship to the Jewish People and Israel. Read more...

August 12- 19, 2010 / Elul 5770

Building a "Master Town" in the Jewish Agency camp in Samara, Russia
Ages: 12-17

The Samara camp continued to expand on the "Master Town" theme where campers created their own physical spaces which were designed to have a positive impact on the relationship between the campers. Read more...

The campers used materials to create their own town and expressed themselves through their work.  Open communication was a key aspect of the process.

July 1-8, 2010 / Tammuz 5770
Following in Abraham's Footsteps in Riga, Latvia
Ages: 7-12
It was a week-long adventure for the young campers at the Jewish Agency summer camp in Riga, Latvia as they followed a mock "Abraham" (the founding patriarch of the Israelites) into the Promised Land. Along their way, they met with many of the prominent Biblical figures who instructed them on a variety of different subjects, such as: The significance of the Land of Israel in the Judaism, the unique place of Shabbat in Jewish tradition, Hebrew as the dominant language of the Jewish People, special places in modern day Israel, and much more. Read more...
Following in Abraham's Footsteps in Riga, Latvia

August 1-8, 2010 / Av 5770
A Great Journey Took Place in the Jewish Agency Summer Camp in Odessa, Ukraine
Ages: 7-12

Summer camp, in general, is a time of new discoveries and the summer camp in Odessa was no exception. The theme of the camp was a "City of Roads and Craftsmen" which was based on a fairytale and the campers traveled down a path that led them to many new discoveries. They learned more about their Judaism, Jewish culture and civilization, and delved deeper into their Jewish identity. From the 'craftsmen' (the counselors and other staff of the camp), the campers honed their skills in arts and crafts. Read more...


August 2-12, 2010 / Av 5770
Community and the Arts: Two Integral Parts of the Jewish Agency Summer Camp in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine
 Ages: 14-17

Budding artists could be found all around the Art Midrasha summer camp in Kyiv (Kiev). The Art Midrasha concept encourages campers to grow Jewishly through creating art. This summer, each camper chose one of eight different art studios to work on a topic and art technique that interested them.  One could, for instance, choose to learn about Jewish history and culture through painting, music, photography, literature, and other media. Read more...


Community and the Arts: Two Integral Parta of the Jewish Agency summer camp in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine

 July 18-25, 2010/Av 5770
Campers in Kishinev, Moldova break the Abraham Code, discover Israeli art, explore the joys of Shabbat.
Ages: 14-16 

During a week-long Jewish Agency summer camp in Kishinev, Moldova, campers were on a quest to break the Abraham Code. A game modeled after the Da Vinci Code, it encouraged them to delve into the many wonders of Judaism, Jewish history and tradition. The campers were thrilled with all their discoveries and expressed this in a variety of ways. Read more...

Some campers decided to work in Piven's style and made portraits of famous Jewish and Israeli personalities, others drew counselors and campers.

July 11 – 18, 2010
Campers Explore What Israel Means to Them in Yekaterinburg, Russia
Ages: 13-16 

This summer camp was devoted to deepening the campers' connection to Israel. The counselors, both local and Israeli, were a resource for the participants. By sharing their personal stories, lecturing on life in Israel, and leading group discussions, the counselors made Israel come alive for campers, many of whom have never visited the far-away Jewish State. Read more...

Campers were encouraged to explore their connection to Israel

June 2-8, 2010
The "Holiday Vacation" in St. Petersburg 
Ages: 7-10

The summer camps in the FSU began operations in early June. One of the first summer camps to open the season was held in a beautiful camp site near the village of Repino, an hour's drive from St. Petersburg. This camp had 70 campers, ages 7 – 10 and 15 counselors. Read more...

Summer camp is a lot of FUN for campers and counselors, alike.


June 24th - July 7th, 2010
Engaging in 'Dialogue' at the Summer Camp in Moscow
Ages: 11- 13

'Dialogue' was the theme of this summer camp. A total of 130 campers participated in this camp, ages 11 – 13. The campers took part in a multitude of lively 'dialogues'; with themselves, between the generations, with Israel, and with Jewish Communities around the world. The campers were divided into smaller groups. The Philosophy group, for example, studied the Jewish Family looking at its uniqueness and peculiarities. The theme was presented through family values and heirlooms which were passed down from generation to generation. Read more...



July 22 – 28th, 2010
The Jews of the FSU meet Israel in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Ages: 17+

All sorts of exciting meetings took place at the summer camp in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Campers met with one another, reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones. They met up with famous Jewish historical figures of the past and present and had the opportunity to meet and learn about Israel, its history, people, and culture. Read more...

The Jews of the FSU meet Israel in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


July 22-29th, 2010, Av 5770 

"From a Dream to the State of Israel" - Kharkov, Ukraine
Ages: 17+

Sometimes when we think of summer camp, we conjure up visions of meeting up with old and new friends, spending long, hot summer days at the pool or lake, playing fun games, and singing camp songs. At the Jewish Agency summer camps in the FSU, the campers do all the above and much more. Take the summer camp in Kharkov, Ukraine, for example. In this week-long camp, the campers not only met their friends, participated in sporting competitions and art and crafts activities but they also took part in a variety of seminars and workshops on a vast range of topics. Read more...



July 11-18th, 2010, Av 5770 
"Camp on Wheels", Belarus
Ages: 18+
Сamp on Wheels is a unique model of a summer camp that combines volunteer work with an educational tour of Jewish sites and is only possible in the former Pale of Settlement, now Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Lithuania. This year, the first term of Camp on Wheels focused on renovating the Jewish cemetery in Volozhin. Read more...

renovating the Jewish cemetery in Volozhin







About our Activities
For nearly two decades, our network of summer and winter camps in the former Soviet Union have reached tens of thousands of children, teens, university-age students and their families, connecting them to their heritage, Israel and the Jewish people. The week-long summer camps, which operate in over 14 cities and towns, immerse campers in a week of Jewish life, learning and culture.

About our Impact
Camp is a cultural lifeline for youth, especially in small peripheral cities and towns where it is often the only Jewish educational activity the entire year. It also encourages campers to further explore their heritage and become involved in youth clubs, Sunday schools, and Jewish holiday celebrations.  Nearly 50% of campers return to camp and many become community leaders.  Former campers are also prime candidates for short and long–term programs in Israel such as Taglit- Birthright Israel and MASA.

About our Partners
Camping in the FSU would not be possible without the critical partnership of:

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

The Associated-Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC)

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago

Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland

Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford

Minneapolis Jewish Federation

UJA– Federation of New York

UJA– Federation of New York, Keshet Fund

Jewish Community Federation of Greater Rochester

Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County

Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

Jewish Federation of Pinellas and Pasco County

Minneapolis Jewish Federation

United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh

Nathan  T. Sedley Memorial Fund

Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County

Jewish Federation of St. Louis

Syracuse Jewish Federation

Jewish Federation of Greater Washington

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