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1300 BCE - 1996 CE
3760 BCE - 70 CE
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A Cultural History of the Jews

by Howard Tzvi Adelman

  1. Introduction
  2. Masada as a Cultural Experience
  3. The Akedah and History: Child Sacrifice and Redemption
  4. The Passover Seder as Cultural History
  5. Jesus Saves, Moses Invests: Changing Images of Moses in Jewish Culture
  6. Jewish Travelers Accounts: Community, Self, and Other
  7. The Worship Service as a Cultural Experience
  8. Jewish Ethics: Are They Ethical? Are They Jewish?
  9. Halakhic Texts and Cultural History
  10. Poetry and History
  11. Modern Hebrew Poetry and Jewish History and Culture
  12. Modern Jewish Short Stories and Diasporan Culture

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