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On Israeli Culture

by Steve Israel

Israeli culture is fascinating, but defies easy definition. Despite the small size of the country, its culture spreads out from many different bases, all of which will be addressed in this essay. To make a journey into Israeli culture is to take a trip into the furthest depths of the psyche of its people – precisely what this essay aims to do. Before such an undertaking, however, a number of background elements need to be pointed out. Enjoy the journey!

  1. Introduction
    1. Defining Culture: Human and National
    2. Jewish Culture, Religious…
    3. …and Secular
    4. Zionism: a Movement of Secular or Religious Culture?
    5. Defining Israeli Culture. The Approach Taken in This Essay.
  2. Zionism
  3. The Land
  4. Jerusalem
  5. The Bible
  6. The Hebrew Language
  7. Pioneering Ideology: ‘Halutziut’
  8. The Holocaust
  9. War and the Army
  10. Immigration
  11. Religion
  12. The Israeli Arab and the Arab in General
  13. Gender roles: the Changing Role of Women
  14. Westernization and the Decline of Collective Culture
  15. Summary: Israel and its Culture
  16. Bibliographical Note
  17. Educational Activities
    1. Defining Israeli Culture
    2. Israeli Perceptions of Arabs
    3. Taking a Dimension of Israeli Culture
    4. Then and Now

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