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Young Communities

A young community is a way of life. This is not a program just for the duration of a year of studies, or of a degree program, this involves young people who have a common bond and who choose to make their home in an outlying region. These young people believe in the community way of life, as a domain for personal and national realization and, as such, choose a community lifestyle and to incorporate in this activity for and with the community, as a way of life.

The dozens of young communities in Israel initiate and operate social ventures in the field of education, the community and welfare thereby, every year, impacting on thousands of children, youth and adults living in the periphery.

The young communities are varied and represent Israeli society as a whole: communities of residents of the periphery who take responsibility for their individual future, communities of youth movement alumni, graduates of IDF Nahal groups, Torah-based communities and communities of Olim. All these are only a part of Israel's general fabric. The young communities across Israel imbue Zionism with content and renewed meaning, and show that young people in our country have a crucial role in addressing the social and community challenges facing Israeli society.

The Priority Regions Division supports, nurtures and encourages young communities in a range of ways:

  • Expanding the phenomenon by initiating and establishing new young communities in the Negev and the Galilee - identifying individuals and groups who are looking for a way to act for the benefit of communities in the periphery. This includes projects such as:
    • Community Way - a venture for establishing young communities on campuses.
    • Community Nahal - a venture designed to identify Nahal groups during their military service, and to bring them together as a community that chooses to live in the Negev or the Galilee (following their military service, and as their permanent home).
  • Providing support and professional assistance for communities in the Negev and the Galilee, during their initial stages of formation and consolidation. Support includes:
    • Professional guidance and support, basic budgets for consolidating the community and for supporting social projects operated by the communities, help with obtaining quality housing solutions in the community, connecting with potential sources of employment as part of the local Jewish Agency framework etc.
    • Developing professional tools for community consolidation as a platform for encouraging and supporting young communities to establish social business ventures.
    • Consolidating young Jews from the Diaspora into young communities - 'Shnat Kehila' a year in an Israeli young community is a unique program initiated by the Priority Regions Division, for bonding young communities for young Jews. The program allows young Diaspora Jews to integrate in the community's life for a specified period, to experience community life with young Israelis, to contribute to Israeli society through volunteer work in the periphery while gaining leadership and community tools and empowerment.

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