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It's a Pleasure Doing Business

by Lisa Samin

Today, 128 companies are doing business with Atidim. These diverse, forward-thinking companies from across the industrial, financial and high tech sectors recognize the win-win situation that results from partnering with the Atidim for Industry and Business Sector program.

Each participating company is matched with an honors-level college sophomore studying science, math or engineering at one of Israel's best colleges. The student receives a four-year tuition scholarship, a living stipend, a personal mentor from the company, a laptop computer and tutoring assistance, and interns at the company one day a week. 

The company trains the student and upon graduation, if the fit is right, the student commits to work at the company. The student receives immediate employment and a career path, and the company gains a quality, experienced worker and future leader.

Atidim salutes the companies that take part in this program to advance young people from the geographic and social periphery and strengthen Israel's technological and business work force. We look forward to the participation of many more.

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