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All for the Almighty - 6/10/2006
All that the Almighty has created in this world was created solely for His honor...
Good Deeds - Who says you "can't take it with you"? - 5/10/2006
... When a person passes from this world - neither silver, nor gold, nor precious stones accompany him; rather the Torah he has learned and the good deeds he has performed accompany him...
Bring Redemption to the World - Quote Others - 4/10/2006
... Whoever notes their source when conveying new information brings redemption to the world, as is written, "And Esther, citing Mordechai, told the King...
Share Insights with Others - 3/10/2006
... A person acquires the Torah via forty-eight virtues: ...
Rebuke Colleagues as Necessary - 2/10/2006
... A person acquires the Torah via forty-eight virtues: ...
Appreciate Others Who Rebuke You - 1/10/2006
... A person acquires the Torah via forty-eight virtues: ...
You Can't Be Too Cautious - 30/9/2006
... A person acquires the Torah via forty-eight virtues: ...
Don't Over-Indulge - 29/9/2006
... A person acquires the Torah via forty-eight virtues: ...
Don't Oversleep - 28/9/2006
... A person acquires the Torah via forty-eight virtues: ...
Be a Good Spirit - 27/9/2006
... A person acquires the Torah via forty-eight virtues: ...
Forty Eight Virtues to Acquire the Torah - 26/9/2006
Don't Ask For More Than You Deserve - 25/9/2006
Don't seek grandeur on behalf of yourself, and don't seek honor beyond that fitting what you have learned, and don't envy the table of Government Ministers - for, having learned Torah, your table is
Toil to Learn Torah - 24/9/2006
Such is the way of Torah study: Eat bread flavored with salt. Drink just enough water. Sleep on the ground. Lead a life of toil. Devote all your energy for Torah study.
Respect People You Learn From - 23/9/2006
Someone who learns even the most minor lesson from someone else must respect that person, as we learn from King David, who only learned two things from Achitophel, yet called him his master...
Fly Like an Eagle... - 22/9/2006
Yehuda ben Taima says: Be bold as a leopard, light as an eagle, swift as a deer and mighty as a lion to fulfill the Almighty's desires.
Be Happy for Others - 21/9/2006
Three traits characterize the pupils of Avraham Avinu: They are happy with what they have and do not envy others. They are very humble. They do not pursue the world's pleasures.
Encourage Others to do Good Deeds - 20/9/2006
If someone catalyzes good behavior on the part of others - he is guarded from sin (for it would be unfair for him to roast in Hell while his pupils savor Heaven).
It's OK to Differ - 19/9/2006
When people differ, but each voices their honest opinion for the "sake of the Almighty", it will lead to positive results.
True Love Lasts - 18/9/2006
Love which is dependent upon external factors will end when that factor is gone, but love which is not dependent upon external factors will last for eternity.
Give and encourage others to give. - 17/9/2006
There are four ways of giving charity: One who gives but does not want others to give - he looks with an evil eye upon others (as giving charity makes a person richer, and he does not want others to
If you have a short fuse, at least be easily appeasable. - 16/9/2006
There are four types of temperaments: Gets angry quickly and gets appeased easily - his gain overcomes his loss. Hard to anger and hard to appease - his loss overcomes his gain.
"What's Yours is Yours and What's Mine is Mine" - Like in Sodom - 15/9/2006
There are four traits which differentiate people (in dealing with property): "What's yours is yours and what's mine is mine" - a mediocre person, and some say this characterized Sodom.
If the community abstains from doing justice - the Almighty will do so instead. - 14/9/2006
"The Plague" descends to the world when capital criminals are not brought to justice, and when people disregard the Sabbatical Year (Shmita).
No tithes - no food! - 13/9/2006
... If some members of the community give tithes and others don't - food supplies turn scarce; some people are satiated while others are hungry.
Don't Interrupt! - 12/9/2006
There are seven characteristics which differentiate the wise man from the fool. A wise man: Does not speak before one who is wiser than he. Does not interrupt his friend. Does not fear to respond.
R. Elazar Hakapar: Don't Envy Others - 11/9/2006
R. Elazar Hakapar says: Envy, lust and pursuit of self-honor lead to a person leaving this world.
R. Meir: Don't Judge a Book by its Cover - 10/9/2006
R. Meir says: Don't look at the container, rather look at what's inside; for there are new containers filled with aged wine, and old containers long emptied of there contents.
Shmuel the Little: Don't Smile When Your Enemy Falls - 9/9/2006
"Shmuel the Little" says: Don't cheer when your enemy falls, and don't be elated when he stumbles, for the Almighty may instead turn the anger towards you.
R. Shimon b. Elazar: Let Your Friend Cool Down Before Approaching Him - 8/9/2006
R. Shimon b.
R. Matia b. Harash: Shalom First! - 7/9/2006
R. Matia b. Harash says: Greet everybody you meet by saying "Shalom"; and try to be a "tail" of lions (be with people who are greater than you), rather than the head of a pack of foxes.
R. Yanai: We don't have an answer for everything - 6/9/2006
R. Yanai says: We don't understand why some evil people lead a happy life and why some righteous people suffer misery.
R. Shimon: Get Yourself a Good Name - 5/9/2006
R. Shimon says: There are three "crowns" - the Torah crown, the Priesthood crown, and the Kingly crown; but the crown of having a good name is above them all.
R. Elazar b. Shamua: Respect Your Pupils - 4/9/2006
R. Elazar b. Shamua says: Respect your pupils as you yourself would like to be respected, respect your peers like you fear your teachers, and fear your teachers as you fear the Almighty.
R. Yonatan: Torah is for the Rich and Poor Alike - 3/9/2006
R. Yonatan says: A person who learns Torah while poor - in the end will learn Torah in riches. A person who avoids the Torah while rich - in the end will avoid the Torah in poverty.
R. Yishmael b. R. Yossi: Take Other People's Views into Consideration - 2/9/2006
R. Yishmael b. R. Yossi says: Don't preside as a lone judge, for there is only one lone judge. Don't tell your fellow judges to adopt your view, for they are free to decide...
R. Yishmael b. R. Yossi: Don't go to Court if you don't have to - 1/9/2006
R. Yishmael b. R. Yossi says: If you save yourself from going to a court of law, you save yourself from ill-will, thievery and perjury.
R. Zadok: Stick with the Community - 31/8/2006
R. Zadok says: Don't distance yourself from the community, and don't focus on legalese, and don't learn Torah so as to have others honor you...
R. Yishmael b. R. Yossi: Be Goal Oriented - 30/8/2006
R. Yishmael b. R. Yossi says: One who learns with the aim of teaching others, the Almighty grants him the means to learn and teach.
Ben Azai: Get On Track - 29/8/2006
Ben Azai says: Run to do even easy mitzvot and run away from any sins, for doing mitzvot leads to more mitzvot and sinning leads to further
Ben Zoma: Be Happy with what you Have - 28/8/2006
Ben Zoma says: Who is wise? He who learn from every person… Who is brave? He who overcomes his evil inclinations… Who is rich? He who is happy with what he has… Who is respected? He who respects his
R. Yishmael: Greet Everybody Cheerfully - 27/8/2006
R. Yishmael says: Be gentle to the elderly and kind to young people, and greet everybody cheerfully.
R. Hanina b. Dosa: If people love you - so does the Almighty - 26/8/2006
R. Hanina b. Dosa says: A person who is loved by other people is also loved by the Almighty.
R. Hanina b. Dosa: Live up to your intellectual potential - 25/8/2006
R. Hanina b. Dosa says: If a person's deeds reflect his wisdom, he will maintain his wisdom. But if a person's deeds betray his wisdom, then he will not maintain his wisdom.
R. Hanina: Torah Talk or Fool Talk - 24/8/2006
R. Hanina b. Teradion says: If two people sit together and don't talk Torah, they are considered fools. But if two people sit together and do talk Torah, the Divine Presence joins them.
R. Yehoshua: If you hate - you're out. - 23/8/2006
R. Yehoshua says: An evil eye, and an evil inclination, and hatred of people lead a person out of the world. Bartenuro - Hatred of People Unwarranted hatred.
R. Eliezer: Don't blow your fuse too quickly. - 22/8/2006
R. Eliezer says: Consider the honor of your friend as important as your own honor. Don't get angry quickly. Repent one day before you die...
R. Elazar: A Good Heart is Hard to Find - 21/8/2006
... What is the good path which a person should seek to cling to?R. Elazar says:A good heart.
Shimon: Keeping Quiet is Good for You - 20/8/2006
Shimon his (R. Gamliel) son says:I grew up all my life amongst Torah scholars, and found nothing better for the body than maintaing silence. The main thing is not what you say, but what you do.
Shamai: Talk Less and Do More - 19/8/2006
Shamai Says:Make Torah Study your main endeavor, say little but do much, and greet everyone heartily.
Hillel: Love Peace and Pursue Peace - 17/8/2006
Hillel and Shammai received (the Oral Tradition) from them. Hillel says, "be a pupil of Aaron the Cohen - love peace and pursue peace, love people and endear the Torah to them".
Give People the Benefit of the Doubt - 16/8/2006
Yehoshua Ben Perachia and Nitai HaArbeli received (the Oral Tradition) from them Yehoshua Ben Perachia says, "make a rabbi for yourself, acquire a friend, and judge people favorably".
The world stands on account of three things: Torah, Divine Worship, and Acts of Kindness - 15/8/2006
Shimon Hatzadik was one of the remnants of the "Knesset Hagdola". He would say: The world stands on account of three things: Torah, Divine Worship, and Acts of Kindness.

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