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Don't Overindulge Your Stomach - 26/11/2006
Loving "The Joys of Life" Negative Side:The worst love of them all is when a person loves the "joys of life", like eating and drinking...
Be a Role Model - 25/11/2006
Loving Honor Negative Side:If you constantly seek to have others honor you, all that you do will be for ulterior motives.
There is So Much More to Accomplish - 24/11/2006
Loving Your Life Negative Side:If you love the "life" too much you may find yourself failing to control your crass desires.
Good Friends - Good Advice - 23/11/2006
Loving Relatives Negative Side:If you love your relatives and close friends "too much" you will side with them even when they are wrong...
Love Your Partner - Grow Spiritually - 22/11/2006
Loving the Opposite Sex Negative Side:Excess love for your partner may lead you to be subservient to him/her, and to listen to him/her even when they lead you astray.
Use Your Money Wisely - 21/11/2006
Loving Money Negative Side:Excess love for money can lead a person to lie, cheat and steal from others.
Don't Love Your Children "Too Much" - 20/11/2006
Loving Your Children Negative Side:If you love your children "too much" and don't discipline them as necessary... Positive Side:Love them so as to guide them along the proper path.
Fear Only the Almighty - 19/11/2006
There are four reflections of Embarrassment: 4. A person who is embarrassed only in relation to the Almighty - this is the highest level.
How Can I Fear People More Than I Fear the Almighty? - 18/11/2006
There are four reflections of Embarrassment: 3. A person who realizes that it is wrong to fear people's responses moreso than those of the Almighty.
What Will People Think of Me? - 17/11/2006
There are four reflections of Embarrassment: 2. A person who is embarrassed to sin in public, and also refrains from sinning in private, as he fears his behavior will be exposed.
You Can't Hide from the Almighty - 16/11/2006
There are four reflections of Embarrassment: 1. A person who is embarrassed to sin in public, but sins when nobody sees him.
Embarrassment Reflects Intelligence - 15/11/2006
Intelligence is reflected by a person's sense of embarrassment, as upon tasting from the Tree of Wisdom, Adam and Eve "opened their eyes" and were embarrassed.
The Benefits of Modesty (6): Shortcomings are Overlooked - 7/11/2006
People tend to overlook the shortcomings of a modest person...
The Benefits of Modesty (5): Giving Others the Benefit of the Doubt - 6/11/2006
A modest person gives others the benefit of the doubt.
The Benefits of Modesty (4): Down to Earth - 5/11/2006
A modest person distances himself from being honored and is content with what he has, thus freeing him from extraneous concerns and allowing him to grow intellectually and spiritually.
The Benefits of Modesty (3): Wisdom - 4/11/2006
A modest person gains wisdom, as he is reverent to scholars and learns from their ways.
The Benefits of Modesty (2): Grace - 3/11/2006
A modest person has grace; his prayers are warmly received by the Almighty as a modest person holds no grudges against others.
The Benefits of Modesty (1): Patience - 2/11/2006
A modest person is also patient, and from patience springs forth peace, as through a person's modesty he silences the anger of someone upset with him.
Recognizing Modesty (6): Speak Softly - 28/10/2006
There are six traits which characterize a modest person: 6. He speaks softly.
Recognizing Modesty (5): Asking Forgiveness - 27/10/2006
There are six traits which characterize a modest person: 5. He recognizes when he acted wrongly to another person and asks for that person's forgiveness, even when he has nothing to gain by doing so.
Recognizing Modesty (4): Success Leads to More Modesty - 26/10/2006
There are six traits which characterize a modest person: 4.
Recognizing Modesty (3): Praise Doesn't Go to your Head - 25/10/2006
There are six traits which characterize a modest person: 3.
Recognizing Modesty (2): Accepting Fate - 24/10/2006
There are six traits which characterize a modest person: 2. He accepts misfortunes which befall him and continues to bless the Almighty.
Recognizing Modesty (1): Anger Management - 23/10/2006
There are six traits which characterize a modest person: 1. He does not get angry when someone humiliates him.
You Can Learn Something From Everyone - 22/10/2006
Learn from people at a lower level than yourself, and don't be too proud to ask them things that they know and you don't.
Be Patient with Your Pupils - 21/10/2006
Be patient with your pupils; teach each pupil at his/her level of understanding. Explain the material as many times as necessary, maintaining a pleasant demeanor throughout.
Act Submissively to Righteous Scholars - 20/10/2006
Act submissively to righteous scholars, such that they will seek your company and you will learn from them how to behave in the rightful path of the Almighty.
Act with Extra Sensitivity to People who need you more than you need them - 19/10/2006
The main point of modesty is to act with extra sensitivity with those who must conform to your instructions, such as your servants, your children, and poor people who rely on your donations.
Be More than Fair with Others - 18/10/2006
Be modest when dealing with others, and be more than fair with others in your financial dealings.
Recognize That You Get More Than You Deserve - 17/10/2006
The root source for being modest is recognizing - while still enjoying life in peace and quiet, in health and in good welfare - that we are not worthy of all the good that the Almighty has bestowed
Be Modest - Avoid Pitfalls - 16/10/2006
Modesty is an excellent trait; it marks the opposite of pride. By being modest, a person saves himself from innumerable mishaps.
Rooting Out Pride - 15/10/2006
If someone feels he is haughty and wishes to totally root out this trait, thoughts alone are not enough; rather actions are necessary.
Overcoming Pride - 14/10/2006
If someone feels his pride overcoming him, he should ponder frightening facts - he came from nothing, will return to dust when he dies, and must account before the Almighty for what he did.
Be Extra-Tolerant in Financial Matters - 13/10/2006
While it is good to be proud in the face of wicked people in matters related to mitzvoth, this is not the case in matters related to business dealings, where it is a great mitzva to be extra tolerant
Taking Pride in Wisdom - 12/10/2006
There can be a negative side to taking pride in one's wisdom. That is, when a person takes pride in his wisdom so as to belittle others.
Take Pride in What You Have - 11/10/2006
There are also positive aspects to the trait of pride. Take enough pride in yourself to eat and drink in moderation, to raise a family, to live in a pleasant house and to dress respectably...
Haughty People are Never Happy - 10/10/2006
Someone who exhibits haughtiness always wants more than he has, and will never be content, as he always feels that he deserves more. Excess pride also leads to intolerance of others.
Don't Try to Stand Above the Crowd - 9/10/2006
Someone who dresses up so as to stand out above the crowd is destined to forget the Almighty, and to forego doing good deeds, as he thinks mainly about himself.
Egotism? No Room for Two - 8/10/2006
The Almighty said, "I cannot share my space in the world with someone who is egotistical"... If someone is haughty, even his family cannot stand him.
Look Out - The Sin of Pride can do you in... - 7/10/2006
Distance yourself from exhibiting pride, for it opens the door to numerous mishaps, and it is the worst trait of them all.

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