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Tikun Olam - Daily Corner

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Iggeret Haramban (14): Read This Letter Each Week
Read this letter at least once each week, with the intent of acting accordingly in the path of the Almighty, such that you shall succeed in all your endeavors and merit the World to Come, which is
Iggeret Haramban (13): Clear Your Thoughts Before You Pray
Cast aside all worldly thoughts when you pray to the Almighty. Prepare yourself before you address the Almighty - clean your thoughts and consider every word before you utter it.
Iggeret Haramban (12): Practice What You Learn
Make sure to constantly engage in Torah study, with the goal of performing what you have learnt. When you complete a study session, consider if there is anything practical which you can implement.
Iggeret Haramban (11): Act Modestly and Speak Softly
Act modestly with all people. When someone calls you do not answer him with a loud tone, rather gently - as if you were standing before your master.
Iggeret Haramban (10): You are Standing Before the Almighty
Constantly feel that your standing before the Almighty, who's Divine Presence encompasses you, for His glory fills the world.
Iggeret Haramban (9): Respect Everybody
If someone is wiser or richer than yourself, surely you must respect him.
Iggeret Haramban (8): Be Modest Consistently
Therefore, I will explain how you can succeed in behaving modestly consistently. Always speak softly, with your head lowered, your eyes gazing downward and your heart uplifted toward the Almighty.
Iggeret Haramban (7): All Are Equal
All people are thus equal before the Almighty - for in His rage He brings down the proud, and with His good will He uplifts the downtrodden.
Iggeret Haramban (6): Wealth, Honor?
What, then, can a person take pride in? In wealth? The Almighty enriches people or impoverishes them. In honor? That, too, is the Almighty's. How, then, can he take pride in the honor of the Almighty.
Iggeret Haramban (5): Pride?
Take note, my son, that when a person feels he is better than others, he is rebelling against the Almighty, for he is taking pride in the "attire of the Almighty's Kingdom", as is written, "The
Iggeret Haramban (4): Get a Little Taste of Heaven
By adopting these traits you will happy with what you have.
Iggeret Haramban (3): Do You Know Where You're Going To?
And as a result of your humility you will likewise acquire the trait of fearing the Almighty, as you will constantly ponder your existence: Where you came from Where you are headed That you are a
Iggeret Haramban (2): Avoid Anger
And when you save yourself from anger your heart will adopt the trait of humility, which is the best of all good traits, as is written, "Following humility comes the fear of the Almighty".
Iggeret Haramban (1): Speak Softly
Listen, my child, to your father's instruction, and don't forsake your mother's lessons. Make sure to speak softly to all people and at all times.

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