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Nitzana Educational Community

Nitzana is an educational community and settlement in the Negev, located close to the border between Israel and Egypt, 70 km. northwest of Beer Sheva. The community was established in 1986 by Arie Lova Eliav and the Jewish Agency. Our village offers an extraordinary education in a unique setting for young people from Israel and abroad. more

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A Unique English Camp at Nitzana - 2/9/2010
During the last month, almost 100 teenage students participated in the annual English camp of Nitzana.
Nitzana Turns the Sun into Gold - 31/1/2010
Participants in the MEIR (formerly Selah) program for young people (ages 17 to 21) from the former Soviet Union.
The Great Deluge 2010 - Nitzana “Under Siege” - 20/1/2010
Updates from Nitzana which was under siege following the great floods which took place in the south of the country at the beginning of the week: In the early hours of January 18 2010 a flood

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