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Shlomit Bicha Is Crazy About Israel! Hear Why! - 9/11/2010
Naomi Efrat is Crazy About Israel! Hear why! - 9/11/2010
Orit Tabay - A Member of Young Community in Be'er Sheva. - 25/7/2010
Noam Bedin gives back to Sderot through Young Communities and membership in a Student's village - 25/7/2010
Jewish Agency Shnat Kehila Program - 21/9/2009
Young Communities in Israel: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things (2009) - 27/6/2009
Loan Funds: Jewish Agency Loan Fund Initiative (2008) - 16/7/2008
Young Communities: Israel's New Social Pioneers (2008) - 7/7/2008
Loan Funds: Jewish Agency UJA Federation of NY Loan Fund - 21/5/2008
Loan Funds: Jewish Agency Central New Jersey Ness Negev Loan Fund - 20/5/2008
Priority Regions: A Future on Israel's Confrontation Line with Lebanon (2001) - 20/12/2001

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