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"Choosing Tomorrow"

Choosing Tomorrow is a program which has the principle aim of keeping leading young people, graduates of academic institutions in the Negev and the Galilee, in the periphery. This holistic program includes: study tours of the Negev and the Galilee, a training program in the community and entrepreneurship (communal/educational/social entrepreneurship), mentoring, and study scholarships.

As part of the program there are three main tracks:

  • The educational entrepreneurial track - designed for pedagogical and teaching students who see formal education as a personal and national vocation. The students in the program participate in educational leadership programs, develop educational projects for the community and form a community of young educators.
  • The community entrepreneurship track - designed for students with a community orientation who are looking to work towards and set up social entrepreneurship, which will affect change in the periphery. The students receive tools and workshops to develop community leadership as well as tools for professional social entrepreneurship.
  • The Business Entrepreneurship Track - designed for students with a business orientation who are looking to develop business entrepreneurship in the Negev. As part of the program the students are given workshops and courses on entrepreneurship and mentoring and individual coaching from the country's leading businesspeople who instruct on formulating ideas, through writing business plans, operating a pilot project and setting up the actual business.

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