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Student Villages in Israel

Student Villages in Israel

Student villages comprise unique phenomenon that has developed in Israel in recent years. Student villages are established by groups of young people who live in periphery regions during their studies. This style of living takes on the form of new communities, called "rural communities", or of communities of young people within an urban environment, called "urban villages".

The official objective of these villages is to reinforce and bolster the local community in which the young people live, and to help the local residents to break through the cycle of socioeconomic distress.

The Jewish Agency supports student villages located in the Negev and the Galilee which belong to the Ayalim NPO, and the Hadar student village in Haifa, as part of Haifa's emergency fund.

The students, who join the student villages at the start of the school year, commit to undertaking social-community activity during the year. They take part in countless projects designed to bolster the local community and its residents - children, youngsters and adults alike. In return, the students receive a study grant and a living allowance. Moreover, the students have the opportunity to enrich themselves with exciting experiences of social and Zionist work and to expand their social and personal network, and to meet a large number of young people of the same age who benefit from a shared experience of giving and realization.

The students who live at the villages, not only undertake different social activities, but also become a creative and enterprising factor and active partners in generating activity in the community. This is inevitable, as living at the student villages acts as a platform for promoting settling in the region following the students' studies and their residence at the villages.

Student Villages around Israel:

  • Ayalim villages - Adiel at Ashalim, Dimona (rural community and urban community), Yahini, Beersheba (District D and the Old City), Yeruham, Neveh Or, Menahemiah, Akko - the Old City and Kiryat Shmona.
  • Hadar Haifa Student Village.

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