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The Great Deluge 2010 - Nitzana “Under Siege”
Flooding at Nitzana Educational Community, January 2010

Updates from Nitzana which was under siege following the great floods which took place in the south of the country at the beginning of the week:

  • In the early hours of January 18 2010 a flood started, the likes of which occurs once every in a century. The two bridges leading to Nitzana were destroyed - the Turkish bridge from the time of World War One and a modern bridge from the 1980s.
  • The flooding left Nitzana without telephone lines, water, electricity and access by vehicles.
  • All the trips that were scheduled to reach Nitzana were canceled and only the olim from the MIR program, National Service personnel and the village staff, who were instructed on how to act in an emergency situation, were left there.
  • In the afternoon some courageous Nitzana people got on the village bikes and set off for a cautious trip, to see some of the special sights of Wadi Nitzana and what was happening at the sites of the ancient Nabatean farms.
  • Around noon, thanks to the efforts of the Ramat Negev situation room together with the IDF, a supply convoy was organized from Kerem Shalom, via Route 10 - the border road - and the various communities received water, bread, milk and basic supplies.
  • On the following morning, of January 19 2010, water still flowed along the Nitzana riverbed and this prevented vehicles from getting through. However, from 9 a.m. a bypass route was established so that traffic to get through, following the following route: from Kmehin Junction to Be’er Milka and from there bypassing the Wadi Lavan passage as far as Route 10, then southward to Kadesh Barnea and Nitzana. All vehicles can use this route.
  • Mekorot and the Israel Electric Company will try to restore the collapsed systems to working order.
  • Ulpan lessons and classes were resumed.

The members of the Nitzana staff want to thank everyone who contacted them and offered assistance.

Reported by: David Palmach, director, Nitzana Educational Community

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