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Nitzana Hosts Former Tel Aviv Mayor Shlomo Lahat

The Nitzana Educational Community is situated in the Negev Desert about 70 km. south of Beersheba. Established in 1987, Nitzana's educational activities imbue Zionist values while and teaching science and technology subjects as tools for personal and regional development.

Nitzana visionary Aryeh "Lova" Eliav, founded the community as an educational resource not only for youth in Israel, but for Jews all over the world

Lova invited his close friend, former Tel Aviv Mayor Shlomo Lahat ("Cheech"), for a visit in Nitzana to mark his 80th birthday. Cheech and his colleagues convened at Nitzana's "Beit Uri" hall, named in memory of Nitzana co-founder Uri Gordon OB"M. They heard lectures on Nitzana's development from Lova and from current community director, David Palmach.

Cheech commented that with all due respect to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Nitzana is no less important for Israel's future.

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