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From Baton Rouge to Afula

June 29, 2010 / 17 Tammuz 5770

On June 23rd, three delegations from the United States visited the young Tarbut (“culture”) community in Afula. Two of the family delegations were from Baton Rouge, and the third were families from across the U.S.

Tarbut is a unique cultural community, consisting of young men and women who specialize in various artistic fields, such as theater, music, song and dance.  The young people, most of whom moved to Afula from Israel’s central regions, chose to live together in a cooperative and work in their artistic fields by running social and cultural activities for at-risk youth in Afula.

After hearing about the young community’s work, the delegation was treated to a special performance presented by the community’s members.  The performance included both children and adults, and received a lively ovation.

The cultural community’s work earned them the admiration of the delegation members, who were given the opportunity to learn about Young Communities in Israel and the Jewish Agency’s involvement in supporting and encouraging these communities.


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