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'Choosing Tomorrow' programs

Last December, the Priority Regions Division of the Israel Department opened four 'Choosing Tomorrow' programs.

This program is designed to sustain a strong, quality and young population in the Galilee and the Negev by reinforcing the bond between students and these regions during their academic studies. The students join the program whereby they help to formulate and operate a business or social/educational initiative while benefiting from a range of incentives which will enable them to enrich themselves in these subjects and also make a living while studying. There are a number of program tracks:

Business initiative in the Negev - 18 students underwent business training, mentoring and establishing a business initiative in the Negev.


 'Choosing Tomorrow' for Education in Katzrin - 15 teacher training students who are undergoing a process of empowerment, developing community and educational approaches and mentoring for promoting activity for the community in the field of education. The students will eventually become a young community of educators in Katzrin.

Community initiative for students for advanced degrees in the Negev - 18 students doing masters and doctoral degrees in the Negev were selected. As part of this project, the students establish community initiatives in the region, they are provided with the tools they need for the initiative, consolidate into a significant group and participate in study tours of the Negev.

There is also a track for medical students who are studying in the Negev-Many students prefer to leave the region after they complete their studies. As a result, this unique program aims to strengthen the connection between the young medical students and the Negev and to encourage them to stay on and specialize in the medical systems in the Negev. They are provided with tools, an empowerment and leadership program, and the means to establish community initiatives in the area.

During the second semester a fifth track will start up in Eilat. This is a unique track designed for young university graduates who are willing to relocate to Eilat and who see education as both a personal and national mission. These young people will be trained to become teachers, will take their place in the city's education systems and will form a leading local community of educators.



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