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 Scholarships Were Given By The Jewish Agency To Student Village In Hadar 



On the first day of Hanuka, Hagai Meirom, JAFI's treasurer, and Offer Isseroff, Director of Priority Regions Division, joined 59 students who live in Hadar neighborhood in Haifa  for a candle lighting.

The Jewish Agency, together with Haifa municipality and Haifa University, enabled the establishment of a students village in Hadar in order to assist the residents and strengthen them. The majority of the Hadar residents belongs to the weaker segments of the population and consists mostly of immigrants from the FSU and Ethiopia, alongside the ultra-Orthodox, Arabs and elderly residents whose situation has gotten even worse as a result of the Second Lebanon War.

The creations of a student village that combines the students’ day-to-day life with community and individualistic work with the residents constitute meaningful role models for the residents of the neighborhood, particularly the children and youth. JAFI, with the help of the IEC fund, donated the village a sum of 700,000$ for its establishment and activities for three years together with the contribution of Haifa University and the municipality of Haifa. During the celebration, JAFI handed out scholarships on the sum of about 60,000$ and the students shared with us moving stories regarding their communal life with the residents of the neighborhood.

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