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Jewish Agency Supports Yerocham

Jewish Agency Chairman, Zeev Bielski: "There is no greater act of Zionism that what Amram Mitzna did." The comments were made during the chairman's trip yesterday (Tuesday) in Yerocham, Dimona and the Eshkol Regional Council

Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Zeev Bielski, visited the Negev to consider possible ways to assist towns and regional councils in that region. After his visit at the Eshkol Regional Council, which was hosted by Mayor Uri Naamati, it was agreed that the possibility would be explored of bringing a nucleus of traditional olim from France to settle together with the former residents of Gadid, in the Gaza Strip, who are currently establishing a new town within the municipality's borders. The Agency chairman said, "We will refer to them delegations and donors from abroad and make efforts to bring investors to the Council."

In Yerocham, the Agency chairman was hosted by Mayor-elect Amram Mitzna. During the meeting the two agreed upon several projects that will be undertaken in the town. The chairman remarked, "There is no greater act of Zionism than what Amram Mitzna did. We must all work towards saving the town, and the Agency will enlist its capabilities and connections on behalf of this goal." Later in his trip, the chairman visited Dimona and other towns in the area.

Jewish Agency Chairman Zeev Bielski, together with Yerocham's mayor-elect Amram Mitzna, touring the town, the Yerocham Lake, and schools (Photo: Natalie Kadosh)

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