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Eshbal Educational Community Lifts Spirits - 24/7/2006
In these difficult times we wanted to share with you our experiences as citizens of the north under Hezbolla attack.
Ayalim Student Village - 2/4/2006
April 2, 2006 / 4 Nissan 5766 The Ayalim Student Village in the Negev is one of the popular destinations for those visiting the Jewish Agency's activity centers.
A Vision for the Periphery - 1/3/2006
Volume 9, Issue 3 / Adar 5766 / March 2006 Last summer when Yuval Moses awakened at dawn, it wasn’t to catch the dramatic sunrise over the lunar landscape of the Negev Plains.
Senior Community Manager - 11/10/2005
By Ziv Gilor, Member of Bnei Ayish Municipal Council I recently took part in the "Senior Community Managers" study program at Achva College, funded primarily by the Jewish Agency for Israel and

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