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The National-Religious Center Community - Tzfat

The National Religious Center Community in Tzfat is made up of members who came to Tzfat with the aim of improving the city, educationally and socially, through the spirit of religious Zionism.

The community is made up of 100 families, half over the age of 35 and the other half under the age of 35.

Most of the members of the community are educators or students.

The community is making a mark on the city of Tzfat, primarily in the field of religious education.

Over the years, the community has established a number of educational institutions that are run by members of the community. Projects include a Yeshivat Hesder, a yeshiva that combines learning and military service, a women's study center, tour guides and seminars.

The members also operate many other activities in the city, such as learning centers for children with learning disabilities, enrichment activities in schools, leisure activities such as day camps, and cultural and educational events for the general population of the city.

Who are we looking for?

Young people who want to integrate and get to know a warm, activist community, with a desire to volunteer in one or more of the following options:

* Helping children and youth with learning disabilities with their studies in our advanced learning centers. There is a big demand for help in English language studies.

* Guiding tours and giving talks for our Center for Tours and Judaism.

* Running workshops and special activities in our centers and in schools.

* Assisting in co-ordination and administrative work, some of which is in English, in the community offices

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