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Garinei Omanuyot - Afula

Garinei Omanuyot (arts groups) is a cultural movement that was established five years ago with the aim of creating societal change through art, education and community. By re-examining what it means to be an artist in Israel, they show that artists aren't only in studios in Tel Aviv but are also living in communities throughout the country and working in education.

The movement has several Garinim throughout Israel and their more established communities are based in the northern city of Afula.

The members of Garinei Omanuyot are striving to renew Hebrew culture based on Jewish and Zionist values. Through their NGO, they run a variety of projects based on informal education, including theater groups, after-school clubs, festivals, exhibitions, plays and community events. Additionally, they run seminars dealing with violence, obsession, images of beauty, freedom, responsibility of youth, and more. They have also opened cultural centers for underprivileged youth.

Who are we looking for?

Made up of a young group of people in their 20s and 30s, Garinei Omanuyot is looking for creative people with a background in informal education who are seeking a communal way of life.


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