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Kibbutz Migvan - Sderot

Kvutzat (group) Migvan is an Urban kibbutz located in Sderot (in the south of Israel). Founded in 1987, the community consists of 15 families, ages 30-50, and 30 children, ages 1-17.

Migvan is a fully cooperative community: Members work in the industry of their choice and all income is shared. The families live on Hashaked Street In Sderot in houses they built themselves. Many members are active in peace and Jewish-Arab coexistence organizations.
The group comes together for Shabbat and festivals and spend much of their free time together.

Two important projects established by Migvan are Migvan Effect, a company that provides web-based systems and applications, and The Gvanim Association for Education and Community Involvement.

Through the Gvanim Association, community members contribute to the education and welfare of the residents of Sderot through projects like a center for youth with physical disabilities and also supportive housing for people with disabilities.

The community members believe in creating circles of trust and cooperation in the community in both the city of Sderot and beyond as a way of creating a better world. An integral part of creating community for them is to celebrate Shabbat together and to dine together in the kibbutz dining room.

Who are we looking for?

Migvan seeks volunteers of all ages who want to make a difference through one of The Gvanim Association projects or within the community by working directly with children and youth.

Kvutzat Migvan Website (Hebrew only): www.migvan.org.il
Gvanim Assosiation (En/He): www.gvanim.org.il

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