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Midbara Ka'Eden - Mitzpe Ramon

In 2000, the local municipality in the Negev area of Mitzpe Ramon (situated within the hills of the Negev; population 4,500), established a Yeshivat Hesder, a Yeshiva that combines learning and military service. A group of families from this Yeshiva decided to take on the challenge of living in this remote town and establishing a young community, Midbara Ka'Eden. Their vision was to create an educational hub that works with local residents to make the wilderness bloom.

This community is made up of 80 young, religious families. The members participate in the local Mitzpe Ramon educational system, encourages settlement, social involvement, absorption of new families and business enterprises. All this is done with love, trust and boundless energy.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a counselor for the religious education center who will lead activities and projects connected to the environment, farming, educational integration, and children at-risk.


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