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Yokneam-Meggido - Atlanta-St. Louis
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Atlanta Joins in Yokneam-Meggido Women's March

The following is a translation of an article that appeared in the Megiddon - Megiddo Regional Council Monthly Newsletter, March edition.

Joint effort of the Yokneam Community Center and the Jewish Agency's Partnership 2000 Yokneam - Meggido - St. Louis - Atlanta

Guests from Atlanta hosted at the Hatikva Day-Care Center and the Elyakim IDF Base

In a joint project aimed at promoting women's health, conducted by the Yokneam Community Center, Project Renewal, the Ministry of Health, the Israel Association of Community Centers, Partnership 2000 through the Jewish Agency, and health funds, a Women's March was held last week, with the participation of women from the Atlanta Jewish Community and their counterparts in Yokneam and Meggido. The group also included a large delegation of women and girls from Dalyat al-Karmel.

The concept was originated by Joanie Shubin of Atlanta, who recovered from cancer and suggested that Yokneam Community Center Director Ronen Shapira conduct a program to promote women's health and the battle against cancer. The program is coordinated by Community Center Sports Coordinator Annelia Aloni, assisted by Giora Yager. Through this program, the Community Center intends to promote proper nutrition, calcium depletion prevention, sports, a healthy lifestyle, women's awareness and more.

The Partnership 2000 Yokneam - Meggido - Atlanta Women's March extended over a four-kilometer route, mostly through the breathtakingly scenic Rabin Park, led by outstanding veteran walker Edna Bokstein.

A sizable delegation of about 50 women arrived from Atlanta to participate in the March. They joined their hosts on Tuesday evening at the Yokneam Culture Hall, where they were greeted by Mayor Simon Alfasi and March originator Joanie Shubin. The guests watched an ethnic dance performed by Beit Rimon girls and heard Edna Bokstein's lecture on Walking for a Healthy Life. After a gala dinner, the guests and local participants enjoyed folk dancing in the gymnasium.

The next day, the guests visited the Hatikva Day-Care Center at Elyakim, where they prepared gift packages for soldiers and watched a touching performance of Israeli songs by local students. Their excitement increased during their visit to the Elyakim IDF Base, together with Hatikva children. The base deputy commander thanked the guests for reinforcing soldiers' morale during these difficult times. The guests expressed their prayers for the soldiers' well being and handed out gift packages, courtesy of Osem.

Subsequently, the guests from Atlanta joined the Women's March, led by Mayor Simon Alfasi. At its conclusion, the Mayor and Joanie Shubin again extended their good wishes. The Mayor awarded a prize - a trip for students - to the fifth grade class at the Hadasim School for achieving the highest rate of cooperation among mothers. Stands were set up by local artists and by the Israel Cancer Association in the Culture Hall plaza. The day concluded with a fashion show for all participants.

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