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Northern Galil - Great Britain
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British Educators Visit Partner School in the Galil
Summer Delegations and Israel Tours 2012

British Educators Visit Partner School in the Galil

The visit opened in Jerusalem with a seminar/tour based on the "Faces and Faiths of Jerusalem", looking at how religious traditions of the three faiths bind them to the city, how the different groups interact and coexist through history and today, and how this reflects the entire country of Israel. With this perspective, the group then traveled to the north to spend two days with their partner schools - getting acquainted with the school, staff and pupils, observing classes, planning joint activities and sharing teaching methods and practices. After school hours were spent in informal meetings with the host teachers and getting to know the school community and region...  more


Living Bridge - Creating "Friends for Life"

Twenty parents and pupils from the Clore Tikvah Primary School in London traveled to Israel to spend a week in the Galilee with their partner school, the Kerner Ma'ale Hagalil Primary School in Meona. Their delegation t-shirts featured a pair of joined hands and the phrase "friends for life".  more


Summer Delegations and Israel Tours 2012

Amit Shmulovitz joined Israel Tour: "The opportunity to participate on Tour enabled me to get to know my own country from a different perspective. I gained British friends and through them I learned about Jewish culture and about the different kinds of their Judaism. The friendships I made with the British youth strengthened their connection with Israel."... more

Experiencing Israel with Israelis

Anva Bergman, Daniel Cohen, Itamar Gur Lavi and Yuval Gur, residents of Ma'ale Yosef, joined 40 British youth who arrived in the country for the three week Maccabi and Hanoar Hatzioni Israel Tour.  more

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