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At Home-Together Partners

Being part of the At Home-Together Program is to be part of a vision, a sense of mission. It is to walk hand in hand towards a path and to arrive there.

Being a partner is to realize the desire to take an active part in the absorption process of new immigrants in Israel.

Being a partner in the At Home-Together Program is knowing that Israeli society was not built from mountains of words but from daily, giving actions.

The success of the At Home-Together Program is its many partners.

Link to the partners by clicking on the icon, by category:

Partners in achievement





Immigrants from the Alliance of Bukhara

Ethiopian Union Organizations

National Federation of the Russian-Israeli organizations speaking immigrants
center (coordination)

Immigrants from the union of Romania

Immigrants from the union of Bulgaria

Israel's Zionist Iran

Immigrants from the Union of India

CHAI-for immigrants from an alliance of India

Immigrants from the union of Yugoslavia


Inviting new members: 

You, who believes in action. You, who want to help and influence their community. You, who sees in the absorption of olim a primary factor for the development of the country, Come to the circle of partners Babait BeIajad program.Lo invitamos a sumarse y participar junto a nosotros, en BaBait BeIajad

We share the same vision.



If you see Aliyah absorption as an important factor in developing
and building a good society,

join us by calling: Iris Barhom: Tel: 02-6202414 or email: IrisB@jafi.org
for questions about employment, call Veronika Matlov: Tel: 02-6202980 or email: veronikam@jafi.org


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