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Aliyah Photo Album

View photos from recent "Aliyah on a Red Carpet " flights as well as welcoming ceremonies at the Kotel, Aliyah Express and more.

Most Recent photos:

New Olim from England, South Africa and Australia at the Kotel

Red Carpet Fair
December 2010

Red Carpet Aliyah
July 2010

Galia Moss is setting her sails on Israel
May 2010

Escape to Freedom
May 2010

Ethiopian Aliyah
January 2010

Aliyah from Australia, January 2010

Aliyah on a Red Carpet December 2009

Thank You
"At Home Together" December 2009 

Chairman of the Jewish Agency visits the Aliyah Service Center

Rabbi Funnye Jr visits Absorption Center
November 2009

Multinational Red Carpet Aliyah flight, October 2009

 Welcome ceremony for FSU immigrants,
September 2009

Express Aliyah for FSU immigrants who arrived on Red Carpet flight, September 2009

Red Carpet Aliyah flight from South Africa, July 2009

 Aliyah Expo in South Africa, May 2009

Red Carpet Aliyah flight from South Africa, April 2009

Red Carpet Aliyah flight from South Africa, December 2008

Red Carpet Aliyah flight from South Africa, July 2008

 For more information about "Aliyah on a Red Carpet " or other Aliyah programs, click here for the Aliyah Service Center.


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