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Overview of the Aliyah Process For all  English Speaking Countries (except North America)

The process listed below is not for North Americans.  North Americans please contact your local Shaliach or visit  North American Aliyah online.

  1. Initial contact - the Aliyah Service Center  or contact your shaliach

  2. Forms which can be filled out / submitted using the Aliyah Portal

    :: Aliyah Questionnaire
    :: waiver of confidentiality
    :: Health declaration
    :: Entries and exits (from Israel)
    :: Birth/marriage certificate
    :: Uploading/updating eligibility documents

  3. Interview

    :: Jewish background
    :: Family status
    :: Israeli past
    :: Health condition
    :: Employment history for the last 3 years
    :: Motivation for Aliyah
    :: Aliyah and absorption planning

  4. Approval and Status

  5. Absorption Planning-with your file manager

  6. Final briefing by your file manager or Aliyah Shaliach

    :: Check list
    :: List of benefits and how to get them
    :: The process at the airport
    :: Home sweet home
    :: First day in Israel
    :: The Aliyah “ten commandments”
    :: Implementing Your Aliyah and absorption plan

  7. Absorption Follow up

    :: Absorption representatives
    :: Absorption services
    :: Aliyah Service Center

  8. Keep in touch… with the Aliyah Service Center  and your shaliach

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