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http://www.facebook.com/cjicoil - CJI or Computer Jobs in Israel on Facebook.  The updates include  an expansive list of jobs many of which are posted directly by companies.  Visitors to the site can get an idea of the numbers, kinds and levels of jobs.  English.
http://www.jobs-israel.com/  - Focus on hi-tech, user friendly and goal-focused.  Originally initiated in cooperation with the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel. English and Hebrew
www.jobinfo.co.il - Job search engine for Israel Hi-tech industry, maintained by the Jobinfo recruiting agency.  Hebrew - however job descriptions are in English.
http://jobmob.co.il/ - A new blog about job hunting in Israel, interesting as well as entertaining. 

Israel Accounting Standards Board.
Bureau of Accountants in Israel
This is the official site of the Israeli Bar Association. It’s in English, Hebrew and Arabic and has information on courses, admission to the Israeli Bar and more. The Israeli web site is http://www.israelbar.org.il

www.marksman.co.il  - Marksman Personnel – Specializes in vacancies for English speakers.  Includes Job descriptions, essays, guidance in creating a CV acceptable in Israel  and a personal profile analysis.  Especially caters to English speakers.
http://lfchosting.com/runner/  - Mass e-mailing to recruitment companies – can automatically send to over 100 agencies at once. Hebrew
http://www.ors.co.il/ContentEng.aspx?id=39  - ORS is an employment agency. 
www.kedumim.co.il - one of Israel’s leading organizations for recruitment and job placement. Privately owned with seven offices. English and Hebrew
http://www.manpower.co.il/?CategoryID=1139  - Manpower Employment Agency.  This is the world’s largest company for the supply of temporary employees with 35 branches throughout Israel.  They offer jobs in all fields.  English and Hebrew
www.haifa.il.ibm.com - The IBM Israel Science and Technology Center conducts joint projects with public and academic research groups in Israel, mainly in medicine, agriculture and education.  Their website includes lists of openings.  English
www.ibm.net.il/eng - IBM Israel provides Internet connectivity and solutions for companies, organizations and professional individual users and has a jobs available section.  English
http://www.huji.ac.il/huji/eng/info_work_e.htm - Available positions at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. English
www.agent.co.il/jobs.html - Agent Interactive is the Internet's leading provider of full-service online solutions for search engine marketing, content management and interactive marketing Companies.  English 

www.amcham.co.il/american.asp - Israel-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Business opportunities in Israel offered by U.S. companies. English
http://www.aaci.org.il/articlenav.php?id=47 - AACI’s website, employment link.  English
http://www.telfed.org.il/networking - Telfed - the home site for the South African community in Israel, also includes an employment section.  English


Last Updated: December 2009

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