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Ayelet Hashachar Absorption Center - Gallil

The goal of the Absorption Center is to help integrate and prepare olim for independent living within Israeli society.

The Ayelet Hashachar Gallil absorption center is located in the heart of kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar in the Hula Valley, between the town of Hatzor Haglilit and the city of Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel.

The green expanse, rural surroundings, clean air and beautiful landscapes of the kibbutz, combine to create a pastoral and comfortable atmosphere. Services are available within the kibbutz, that includes medical services, a post office, and a supermarket.

Residents of the Jewish Agency's Galil Absorption Center celebrate the holiday of Shavuot.

The town of Hatzor is about a 3- minute drive away, offering additional services. At Ayelet Hashachar, every effort is made to ensure the active involvement of immigrants into Israeli society, in finding employment and in learning Hebrew. The kibbutz, together with the center, believes in the importance of a positive initial absorption experience, that sets the tone for successful integration into Israeli society.

The center is located in the kibbutz hotel and guest rooms, and comprises 188 units.

The units have basic appliances and furnishings, including beds, closets, refrigerator, stove, chairs and tables. Upon arrival, new immigrants are welcomed with basic food provisions for their first days.

Activities and Special Projects
The center provides activities for both adults and children. The center’s activities include Hebrew Ulpan studies, conversion classes, seminars, trips, community activities, workshops on parenting, employment, consumerism, legal aid and trips throughout Israel.

Activities for children focus on educational reinforcement and enrichment in subjects such as Jewish customs, festivals and Israeli culture. In addition, they have sports, drama, music, day camps, trips and more.

Activities are geared towards the different stages of absorption and assisting olim in becoming familiar with their new surroundings.

New immigrants from Ethiopia learn to prepare labaneh cheese

Special Projects
Jewish Learning - The center staff, together with carefully chosen Jewish educators, accompany the immigrants in the process of returning to Judaism and learning about this important aspect of their lives.

Elders Committee - A committee of the elders of the Ethiopian community was established, to serve as a bridge, and to assist in solving problems that arise within the community.

Israeli Cooking - Regular classes in cooking Israeli food, familiarity with products and special menus for Israeli holidays and celebrations, take place in the center.

Academic Involvement - Graduate students in social work, learn about cultural sensitivity through work with center residents.

Art Therapy - A graduate student in art therapy works with individuals six hours weekly, in art therapy, under the guidance of a social worker.

Home Center Project - Workshops on maintaining a home in Israel are offered by Home Center staff. They guide new immigrants on solving technical problems in the household and give advice on general upkeep.

Hebrew Conversation Club -  A local volunteer offers weekly dialogue and conversation in Hebrew, with an emphasis on vocabulary.

Friends' Circle - Founded in 2002, friends from all over the Galilee work to connect between the community and the residents of the absorption center.

For Children
Bicycle Riding and Empowerment Activity- Groups of youth are empowered through challenging mountain bicycle-riding trips. They experience endurance, positive self-esteem, group bonding and a connection to nature, through this physically and mentally demanding activity.

Mentoring Club - A special Mentoring Club takes place in the afternoon hours for the center's children, providing reinforcement in studies and homework assistance.

Educational Reinforcement - Extra strengthening in Hebrew and Math studies, is available for children and youth.

Preparation for First Grade - Readiness classes for first grade, are provided for preschool children prior to their entering school.

Computer Workshop - Classes on how to use the computer are run by a computer teacher in small groups, for both children and adults.

Bar Mitzvah - The center offers Bar Mitzvah preparation classes during the Bar/Bat mitzvah year. The youth are called up to the Torah at Moshav Safsufa, followed by a joint trip of parents and children to Jerusalem and a celebration party.

Azrieli Program - Center youth are integrated into an after -school project with children from a school in Kiryat Shmona, where they receive reinforcement in Hebrew, math and English.

Playroom Activities - Parents and children learn how to play games together, under the guidance of a mentor.

A dedicated and professional staff is responsible for the care of the new immigrants and for the daily running of the Absorption Center. The staff consists of a director, administrative assistant, coordinator for education and culture, social worker, housemother, counselors and volunteers.

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