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Aliyah on a Red Carpet

"I loved traveling with others who were also making aliyah. Although I was nervous about dealing with all the official papers in a language that I don't understand (yet!), the Jewish Agency just made everything so much smoother."                     
                                                                         - - Natalie Dallal, London

The Jewish Agency is revolutionizing the aliyah process through its Aliyah on a Red Carpet program. What normally took new immigrants months to accomplish is now done within 24 hours of arrival to Israel.

Even before you make aliyah, you can attend an Aliyah Expo and sign up for a program that is best for you. Take-off to Israel on a chartered flight and share your excitement with hundreds of other new immigrants.

In Israel, the Red Carpet rolls out as you attend a moving welcome home ceremony in Jerusalem and receive your Israeli identity card (Te'udat Zeut) which attests to your new citizenship status.  

The Red Carpet continues to unroll as you stay overnight at a hotel in Jerusalem and attend a min-expo organized by the Jewish Agency. Meet different vendors at one venue and register for a health medical organization (HMO), open a bank account, choose a cell phone provider and sign up for a post office box. The final step on the "Red Carpet" is direct transportation to your new home.

Aliyah on a Red Carpet streamlines the official aliyah process and gives you a level of service that makes the entire experience pleasant, efficient and user-friendly.

Fast facts:  Aliyah on a Red Carpet provides:

  • Pre-aliyah expo in country of origin
  • Chartered flight to Israel
  • Immediate receipt of Israeli citizenship
  • Registration for a health medical organization (HMO)
  • Overnight stay in Jerusalem
  • Mini-expo to sign up for bank, post office and cell phone services 
  • Direct transportation to your home

For further information contact your local shaliach or the Aliyah Service Center.

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