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Beit Alfa Absorption Center - Kibbutz Beit Alfa

The goal of the Absorption Center is to help integrate and prepare olim for independent living within Israeli society.

The Beit Alfa absorption center is located east of the Jezreel Valley at the foot of Mount Gilboa, in one of the Galilee's most scenic regions. It is situated between the towns of Beit Shean and Afula, a convenient 15- minute drive to these cities. This offers access to supermarkets, a shopping center, banks, clinics, pharmacies, shops and a large marketplace, as well as employment possibilities. There is regular and frequent public transportation available to these locations.

Established in 2007, the center is adjacent to Kibbutz Beit Alfa, where there is a post office and general store within walking distance.

Beit Alfa absorption center serves as a soft landing for new immigrants from Ethiopia. It provides a warm atmosphere and protective environment for them, to take their first steps in Israel, while gradually adjusting to their new surroundings.

The Beit Alfa absorption center has 77 cottage-style residential units of varying sizes. They all have basic appliances and furnishings, including beds, closets, refrigerator, stove, chairs and tables.

Immigrant Ethiopian soldiers serving in the Michve Alon Education Corps army base in the Upper Galilee paid a memorable visit to the Jewish Agency Beit Alpha Absorption Center.
Upon arrival, new immigrants are welcomed with basic food provisions for their first days. The Beit Alfa absorption center offers services such as a health clinic, laundry facilities, pay phone, library, computer room, classrooms, synagogue, soccer fields, basketball courts and a playground.

Activities and Special Projects
The center provides activities for both adults and children.

The center’s activities include Hebrew Ulpan studies, conversion classes, seminars, trips, community activities, workshops on parenting, employment, consumerism, legal aid and trips throughout Israel.

The center also has a large population of single young adults and special activities are geared towards this population.

Activities for children focus on educational reinforcement and enrichment in subjects such as Jewish customs, festivals and Israeli culture. In addition, they have sports, drama, music, day camps, trips and more.

Activities are geared towards the different stages of absorption and assisting olim in becoming familiar with their new surroundings.

The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, provides extension hours once a week, offering office services for the convenience of the residents.

Special Projects
Adult Workshops - Workshops are held on employment, relationships and parenting, household management and institutions and services in Israel Home Maintenance - Courses are provided to give olim information on buying and maintaining a home in Israel.

Health and Hygiene – Personal hygiene instruction for women and girls is taught, as well as the importance for maintaining general health and disease prevention.

For Children
Mentoring Club - A special mentoring club takes place in the afternoon hours for the center's children and provides strengthening in schoolwork and homework assistance.

Educational Reinforcement - Extra reinforcement in Hebrew and math studies is available for children and youth.

Preparation for First Grade - A readiness class for first grade, is offered for preschool children prior to their entering school.

Summer Camp - A yearly summer day camp is held for the center's children and combines crafts, performances, hiking and general activities in cooperation with local volunteer groups.

Playroom Activities - Parents and children learn how to play games together, under the guidance of a mentor.

A dedicated and professional staff is responsible for the care of the new immigrants and for the daily running of the Absorption Center. The staff consists of a director, administrative assistant, head of education and culture, social worker, housemother, counselors and volunteers.

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