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Teaching English - Practical Information

Getting Started Teaching

Finding Employment

Certified teachers who come from overseas should approach the Ministry of Education District Unit for the Absorption of Immigrant Teachers, the Ministry of Education district supervisor (inspector), the English Teacher Network in Israel website (www.etni.org.il), or an individual principal for information about openings.

For a college graduate who is interested in teaching English, but has no experience, one of the many colleges must be approached for information on their teaching certificate program. The program is usually an equivalent of four semesters, but concentrated from the end of one school year until the beginning of the next - July to the next August. Courses include Hebrew, methodology, pedagogy, teaching English as a second language and student teaching. Once successfully completed, a graduate is almost guaranteed a position.

Debbie Lifschitz, Chairman of the English Department at the Jerusalem College for Women, and Coordinator for the Forum of English Department Heads, comments that although teachers’ basic salaries are notoriously low, “There are many ways a savvy teacher can raise his or her ranking, and consequently, raise the salary.” There is also the added perk of sabbaticals every seven years, which is a wonderful opportunity for a teacher to get out of the classroom and become reinvigorated.

Informal teaching: children and adults

The importance attached to English proficiency has reached such proportions that in many middle and upper middle class areas, over half of the children are tutored privately or in small groups. Teaching informally has the advantages of offering a flexible schedule and no administration to deal with, yet conversely, you do not receive the vacations and benefits taken for granted by Ministry of Education teachers.

How do you get started? You can begin by putting up notices on your local bulletin board, speaking to the local school teachers for referrals, and generally spreading the word.

Another option for teaching English outside of the framework of the educational system is adult education. Israel’s booming hi-tech industry is essentially an international sector, in which the language of necessity is English. Companies hire individuals or companies to teach their employees on an individual or group basis. As former South African Johnny Phillips says, “It is a pleasure to teach top level management. They are very intelligent and know English well, but just as they approach their work with high demands, they seek perfection in language.”

Useful Addresses:

Detailed information can be obtained from the etni (English Teachers Network in Israel) website: www.etni.org.il

Ministry of Education Information:

Ministry of Education English Inspectorate:
Head Office: 2 Devorah HaNiviah Street Jerusalem 91911
tel. (02)560-3587

Tel Aviv:
650 - 0331/0

TASP internship

In an attempt to bring English teachers to Israel and to intensify the personal connection between Diaspora Jewry and the people of Israel, the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles and the City of Tel Aviv have entered into a partnership supported by the Jewish Agency called the Teach and Study Program (TASP).
TASP interns are English-speaking university graduates who wish to participate in a two-year work study program through which they will teach English in the Tel Aviv public school system and study for an MA degree in Applied Linguistics: Language Teaching and Learning. The program includes a part-time English teaching position in a Tel Aviv elementary school, a summer orientation on the Israeli educational system and society, a Hebrew ulpan, an innovative course of graduate study leading to a Masters Degree in English Language, Teaching and Learning, subsidized housing, and many enriching seminars.

Contact : http://www.tasp.org.il ;
zdank@netvision.net.il ,
(972) 9-899-5644;
in North America : (323)761-8155,

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