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Sample Conversion Table


1 kilometer=.62 miles
1 mile=1.6 kilometers

1 meter=1.09 yards
1 yard=.91 meters


80 kilometers per hour =49.71 miles per hour (mph)
90 kilometers per hour=55.92 mph
100 kilometers per hour=62.14 mph
110 kilometers per hour=68.35 mph


1 kilo=2.2 pounds
1 pound=.45 kilo


1 liter=2.11 pints
1 liter=1.05 quarts
1 liter=.26 gallons

1 pint=.47 liters
1 quart=.95 liters
1 gallon=3.78 liters

1 cubic meter=35.31 cubic feet


0 degrees Celcius=32 degrees Fahrenheit
15 degrees Celcius=59 degrees Fahrenheit
20 degrees Celcius=68 degrees Fahrenheit
25 degrees Celcius=77 degrees Fahrenheit
30 degrees Celcius=86 degrees Fahrenheit
35 degrees Celcius=95 degrees Fahrenheit
40 degrees Celcius=104 degrees Fahrenheit

0 degrees Fahrenheit=17.77 degrees Celcius
60 degrees Fahrenheit=15.55 degrees Celcius
70 degrees Fahrenheit=21.11 degrees Celcius
80 degrees Fahrenheit=26.66 degrees Celcius
90 degrees Fahrenheit=32.22 degrees Celcius
100 degrees Fahrenheit=37.77 degrees Celcius
110 degrees Fahrenheit=43.33 degrees Celcius

Submitted by Rafi Freeman

Last Updated September 24, 2007


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