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Pre-Academic Study Programs

The following Initial Absorption Programs emphasize preparation for higher academic education in Israel and a high level of Hebrew instruction.  See below for contact information.

TAKA (Tochnit Klitah Academit) Academic Absorption Program
in Ashkelon 

A pre-academic program offering Hebrew studies and preparatory courses on an academic level. TAKA provides an initial framework for students who intend to enter a university program and would like to strengthen their background in a variety of subjects as well as in Hebrew. For students who are exempt from the university preparatory program (Mechina – see below) including students whose matriculation certificates are equivalent to the Israeli Bagrut, and students for masters programs in Israel.

The program consists of advanced Hebrew, English (if necessary), computer studies, scientific writing, statistics, mathematics and preparation for the psychometric exam (subject to number of same-language students).

  • Open to new immigrants only.
  • Located in the Ashkelon Academic College.
  • Duration is 5 months, opening in Sept/Oct and March/April.
  • Students must pass an entrance exam to be accepted.
  • Students live in the Ulpan Etzion Beit Canada Absorption Center

TAKA High-Tech Jerusalem

A pre-academic program to prepare students for high-tech or management studies in Jerusalem at the Hadassah Academic College. Intended for students exempt from the University Preparatory Program (Mechina) who wish to study in one of the science or high-tech tracks. Program consists of advanced Hebrew studies, English studies, high level math, computer skills and a preparatory course for the psychometric exam/GMAT (dependent on number of students registered).

  • Acceptance criteria: Hebrew entrance exam at an intermediate level and a mathematics exam.
  • The cost of this program is covered by The Student Authority, but is not considered part of the three year period of assisitance.
  • Open to new immigrants only.
  • Program duration is five months, starting dates are twice a year in September and March.
  • Accommodations are available at student dorms.
  • Participating students are eligible for a living stipend from the New Jerusalem Foundation.

For more information, please contact your local Shaliach or Aliyah representative.  In Israel you may contact The Student Authority (Minhal HaStudentim) Tel. 02 6214542/0 or  Naomi Shmuel

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For more information and dates from The Student Authority click here.

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