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External Ulpanim are located in community settings, and are open to everyone, including new Olim and tourists. These Ulpanim are generally non-residential, and classes are taught on all levels, from beginning to advanced.

Each facility has its own registration and payment criteria, and is sponsored by various bodies such as the Ministry of Education or local municipalities. There are also private Ulpanim, which fix their own prices, and must be contacted individually. Finally, there are university Ulpanim, which generally serve their own student bodies.

In general, you cannot register in advance for municipal Ulpanim, because they begin on an as-needed basis. New classes form monthly, and the levels which do open are based on demand. The private Ulpanim are more likely to know in advance when each level will be offered. University Ulpanim, too, usually have a well-established schedule of opening dates. In any case, it is best to contact the Ulpan directly for specific information.

If you are a working Oleh and you don’t have time for Ulpan study, you have still another option. For up to three years after Aliyah, you can apply to the local Absorption Ministry office and request night classes at no charge. These classes are meant for Olim with at least a basic knowledge of Hebrew and who can prove they are working full-time. You also need to be able to prove that you never attended an Ulpan for which you received payment from the Absorption Ministry.


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