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City Description:
Kibbutz Ketura is located in the Arava Desert, 50 kilometers north of Eilat. Ketura is the green spot in the heart of the desert, between the yellow Negev Mountains in the west and the reddish-purple mountains in the east. The summer can be difficult, but the winter is pleasant with many sunny days and a rich world of flora and fauna.

The number of Ketura residents is 140 members and candidates and 160 children.
One third of the members are Israeli and the rest come from the United States, South Africa, England, Spain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Argentina, Colombia and the CIS.

The cultural and social life in a small community depends a lot on its residents. Indeed, many Ketura members invest time and effort, utilizing local talent for holiday celebrations and homemade cultural activities. There is an active Members Club and a kibbutz dining room which serves three meals a day and provides much social interaction. Ketura also has a music room, a dark room and a ceramics studio. Leisure time can be spent at the tennis courts, soccer field, at the swimming pool, stables, gym, or walking around the surrounding mountains.

Many activities take place in the Regional Community Center, located 8 km south of Ketura. Regional classes include: pottery, dance and movement, drama, yoga, painting, learning languages, an Outdoors Club that takes weekend trips to the spectacular landscapes of the Negev and Arava and a Sailing Club on the Red Sea. The Local Community Center are also offers, plays, dance performances, movies and concerts, meetings for the young, sporting events and more.

Absorption and growth:
Kibbutz Ketura is interested in having young people, individuals, couples, families, new immigrants and native Israelis join us and participate in our community life. The basic foundations of our ideals are tolerance, equality, democracy and pluralism in relation to Judaism and tradition. In building the community we strive towards mutual help, personal responsibility and dedication to the community. We welcome anyone who would like to come and visit and get to know us.

A major focus of kibbutz life is on the children, in Ketura it is ensured that they the kibbutz children receive individual attention which is both professional and warm.

Personal development:
"Not by bread alone shall a person live" says the verse. Many members of Ketura engage in a variety of arts such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, music, photography, writing, theater and more. Members may also receive work days to develop and create their art. Every year about 10% of the members study in higher education frameworks in arts, engineering, cooking, Land of Israel Studies, teaching and more. In spite of the financial constraints, members are encouraged to develop and learn; we believe that the achievements of each individual help to create a quality community that is both rich and diverse.

Until recently the kibbutz's economy was based mainly on agriculture and on jobs from outside the kibbutz. Today the focus is more creative and business oriented encouraging and supporting entrepreneurial initiative. This allows members of the kibbutz a wide variety of interesting professions and businesses and a good and stable income.
Agriculture areas focus on: melons, onions, dates and dairy cows, desert agriculture and more.
Some of the employment options outside of the kibbutz are: Ardom – a regional packing house for dates, a computer unit, regional council, local schools, Tachana HaNissionot – an agricultural research and development center, gas station and Ardag Red Sea Mariculture.

Kibbutz initiatives include:
"The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies - an academic program for students from Israel and for the first time from Arab countries as well. Keren Kolot an educational tourism based Jewish Studies Programs with a pluralistic approach, Kibbutz, Desert and Environmental Studies, Textstore technical writing and internet services and Insight an economic consulting company.

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