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Enjoying Every Minute

July 5, 2007 / 19 Tammuz 5767

The challenges of making aliyah are difficult under the best of circumstances. For Pavel Grinshtein, a retired widower from the Ukraine, this journey was especially difficult. Five years after making aliyah in 1990, Pavel, now 83, was struggling to live on his own. He moved to Amigour’s sheltered living facility, Dagan, in the nearby city of Holon. As one of 57 Amigour facilities funded by the Jewish Agency and its donors throughout the world, Dagan provides educational and recreational programs and a sense of community to Pavel and to 7,500 seniors throughout Israel who want to enjoy their retirement years in a secure environment. 

“This is my home. There is no better place for me to spend my golden years. I feel rejuvenated here.”

Pavel Grinshtein

Residents of Amigour’s housing facilities, many of whom are from the former Soviet Union, live in their own apartments and benefit from Jewish Agency run programs and activities that give them a new lease on life. Each facility has a professional staff that includes a social worker and a house director, as well as comprehensive security arrangements that allow the residents to feel safe at all times. 

“It’s like one big summer camp here,” says Nadia Pursa, Dagan’s director. “Our residents are very busy, and this keeps many of them young.” For Pavel, living at Dagan provides an opportunity to pursue his hobbies and to give back to the community. With his MA in art history, Pavel enjoys giving a monthly lecture about art history to his fellow residents. He is also a star of Dagan’s theater company, and has taken up photography.

“It’s incredible to see Pavel,” says Nadia. “He came to a new country as a widowed retiree in his late sixties, didn’t know the culture or the language, and now look at him. He is enjoying every minute of his life.”

The Jewish Agency works diligently to provide Amigour’s residents a fulfilling life during their senior years. With your help, we can continue to provide funding and services to these vital programs and to transform the residents’ retirement years into their most enjoyable years. To learn more about how you can help,  click here.

To learn more about Amigour, Public and Sheltered Housing Facilities, click here.

Photo Credit: Shlomy Ben Ami

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