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2011 - 2012



2010 was a banner year for the Jewish Agency with the unveiling of our new strategic plan and vision to "Inspire Jews throughout the world to connect with their People, heritage and Land, and Empower them to build a thriving Jewish future and a strong Israel." Aliyah to Israel rose significantly, with a 16% increase, particularly from Latin America, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand, Switzerland and even India. Beyond Aliyah, young Jews across the globe continued to strengthen their connection to Judaism and Israel through Limmud, a conference for German speakers in Germany, and the miNYanim Central European Seminar. More


What a year. For the first time in a decade, 2009 saw a rise in immigration to Israel. The year also marked the 20th anniversary of the Aliyah of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, the summertime fun of the Maccabiah Games, one of Pennsylvania's gubernatorial candidates visit to Israel, the linking of Israel and the United States through video conferencing, and the tragic loss of a beloved pilot. More


Read about MASA participants who enjoyed their first taste of Israel so much that they decided to make aliyah. Youth Futures Trustees discuss the importance of giving and Atidim participants describe how this program has improved their lives. More


Find out about an Ethiopian immigrant whose participation in Jewish Agency’s Sparks of Science program has opened up a whole new world for her, a world that will give her the scholastic ability and the self-esteem necessary to advance in today's science and technology fields. Read about high school students who join the Jewish Agency Naale program and become productive Israeli citizens, giving back to the country that has already given them so much. More


Did you know that 12,904 students applied for the Jewish Agency scholarships for soldiers called up for emergency reserve duty during the second Lebanon War? Or that 7,000 small business owners submitted requests for emergency grants to very small, independent businesses, which was one of the first steps the Jewish Agency took after the war – with the generous support of Jewish Federations in the United States through the United Jewish Communities (UJC). More


Did you know that Miss Israel 2005 came to Israel with Selah – a Jewish Agency aliyah program? Or that young Ethiopian children trekked across the desert, barefoot and nearly starving, to get to Israel? And now they are studying law, accounting, computers and international relations at Israel's best universities through Jewish Agency programs and scholarship support. More



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