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From the Desk of Misha Galperin

May 2012 / Iyar 5772

Dr. Misha GalperinThis is a remarkable season in Israel and a wonderful time to celebrate Israel wherever you are in the world. Between Passover and Shavuot, we count the days and we also mark special days – like Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel’s Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Israel’s Independence Day.

This small block of time is a microcosm of Jewish history.  We grieve those we have lost to inconsolable sadness who died for the sake of being Jewish. We mourn those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the Jewish state. And we celebrate how a small country has radically altered the way that we move in the universe, as proud Jews whose citizens have received Nobel prizes and Olympic medals. We have both a homeland and a refuge.  David Ben-Gurion once wrote: “This country made us a people: our people made this country.”

The programs below capture this range of what Israel means to all of us. We want every Jew in the Diaspora to take part in Israel’s accomplishments, both symbolically and literally.  We want to bring to our young people a taste of events and experiences that they did not live through but that have shaped their Jewish identities and the lives of us all. I invite you to read more about what we’re doing to help sustain Israel’s centrality in our minds and hearts.

Misha Galperin

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