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Jewish Agency Enrichment Fund for Children and Youth

Jewish Agency Enrichment Fund for Children and Youth

August 20, 2007 / 6 Elul 5767

From sports activities to environmental studies, about 50,000 children are participating in a variety of enrichment programs thanks to the Jewish Agency’s Enrichment Fund for Children and Youth. The young participants come from 36 local authorities, located in Northern Israel as well as the Western Negev, including Sderot and the Gaza perimeter.

Following the Second Lebanese War, it became evident that children and youth in these areas would need a long-term rehabilitative effort towards healing their traumas. The Jewish Agency turned to the UJC to establish a fund for programs for these children which takes place both during school and after school hours.

Four organizations are implementing the programs sponsored by the Enrichment Fund:

  • Tapuah, through its “Intel Learn”, teaches computer skills while focusing on developing teamwork, community ties and student cooperation.

  • Through the world of sports, the Hapoel Keter Education and Social Project bridges gaps between various segments of Israeli society, improves self-esteem and instills lasting values.

  • The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) runs an environmental education program, Children Make a Difference, which strengthens the connection to the land through education and activities.

  • Keren Karev's cultural enrichment programs cover a wide range of activities – from musical instruments to conflict resolution to sports and more.

The Enrichment Fund is partially funding the successful “To Sderot With Love” campaign which enabled thousands of children in Sderot and the Gaza Perimeter to enjoy summer activities in safe areas.

Through the Enrichment Fund, high school students from Sderot were given another opportunity to learn for their matriculation exams. Due to the intensity of Kassam missile attacks during the school term, many had trouble focusing on their studies.

In addition, the dedicated teachers and staff of a special education school in the region enjoyed a day off to recharge their batteries.

The ongoing activities of the Jewish Agency’s Enrichment Fund for Children and Youth have helped transition the young participants to reintegrate into a normative school year framework. With your help, the Jewish Agency can continue to support the Enrichment Fund providing critical programs for children and youth. To learn more about how you can help, click here.

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