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Growing Partnership with Israeli Businesses

October 30, 2006 / 8 Cheshvan 5767

When the Jewish Agency for Israel put out the call within the first days of the second Lebanon War to establish emergency sleep away camps for children in the north, the Israeli business community stepped forward. According to Ofra Palmer-Granot, Teva Pharmaceutical's community relations coordinator, "the Jewish Agency was the first to assess the immediate and urgent need to move the children and come up with the right way to do it.” As emergency needs increased, growing numbers of companies joined global Jewish campaigns to help move Israel’s children out of the line of fire

At a gala evening of the recent Jewish Agency's Board of Governors (BOG) the feeling of Jewish Peoplehood was in the air as Jewish World leaders paid tribute to Israeli philanthropists and business people that are partnering with the Jewish Agency to secure our Jewish future.

For over 75 years the Jewish Agency for Israel has been forging partnerships in the Jewish world.  This past year has been a turning point in moving financial partnering with Israelis forward to the next level. Growing numbers of Israeli businesses, philanthropists and private citizens have become dynamic partners in ensuring implementation of Jewish Agency programs.

This trend was most evident during the War this summer. Tens of Israeli businesses joined the Jewish Agency’s spearheaded effort to “move the children to safety”; thousands of private citizens contacted the Jewish Agency Global Center to either request information or assistance, or to donate to the Jewish Agency.

Ma’ariv, one of Israel’s major media outlets, provided pro bono publicity. Gitam/ BBDO advertising agency, headed by BOG member Moshe Theumim, spearheaded a number of highly effective national advertising campaigns during and after the war, pro bono. SuperSol, Israel’s leading supermarket chain together with food manufacturing giant Osem, provided tens of thousands of children in summer camps with their favorite snacks and helped fund the meal service. Household names like McDonald’s Israel, UPS, Bank Leumi, Paz, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Ikea, Amdocs, IDB Investments and Nike-Israel donated goods, services, and funds to ensure children’s safety. 

Although the war this summer increased the Israeli business sector’s partnership with Jewish Agency undertakings, the partnership did not begin with the war effort, and did not end with the cease fire.

Many Jewish Agency programs are now operating thanks to donations received by the Israeli business community. Examples of corporate partnerships include: Ikea provided wonderfully eclectic furniture for YOUTH FUTURES' nationwide Circles of Opportunity, so children and youth can meet in a comfortable environment;  Amdocs donated computers to the NET@ program, which is advancing youth from high risk to high tech, while Home Center is facilitating implementation of the TOOLS program in which new immigrants learn DIY techniques and are making repairs in their absorption centers.

The affair at the Inbal hotel was the first tribute to the Israeli business sector. The evening began with greetings from Ms. Carole Solomon, Chairperson of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors, and Mr. Zeev Bielski, Chairperson of the Executive.   Popular Israeli singer David Broza received a special award for donating royalties to his song (yehiye tov, it will be good) that accompanied the Jewish Agency media campaigns.  Emotions were high – following presentation of the award, David Broza and Zeev Bielski spontaneously began singing yehiye tov together to the audience’s delighted applause. 

Says Amos Elad, Jewish Agency director of development initiatives, “It was a remarkable evening, very emotional. Leaders of Israel’s business sector and leaders of the Jewish world were together in one room to promote one cause – a secure Jewish future with Israel at its heart.”

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