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MASA in Acre 

The Jewish Agency is making things happen. Check out our highlights page periodically and see how we are partnering with purpose to secure our Jewish future. Read incredible aliyah stories. Learn about exciting educational programs in Israel for young adults all over the world. See how we are intensifying our partnerships with world Jewry to effect transformative change for the next generation. 

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Photo Gallery of Last Flight to Israel in 2006
December 28, 2006 / 7 Tevet 5767 Above: Natan Feder, left, (2) and his sister Bat-Sheva Feder, right, (3) drink water while they wait for their flight at JFK International Airport.
You’ll Never Walk Alone
December 27, 2006 / 6 Tevet 5767 How can I possibly tell you how moved I was? My body shuddered at the sudden and unexpected touch of a far away hand. The hand of someone I didn’t even know.
Environmental Youth Program Aims to Rebuild Coexistence in the Galilee
December 24, 2006 / 3 Tevet 5767 Birds Know No Borders is the name of a groundbreaking environmental coexistence program for youth that is being launched by the Jewish Agency in cooperation with the
Solomon Family Celebrates Bat Mitzvah at Jewish Agency Absorption Center
December 24, 2006 / 3 Tevet 5767 Tony and Rachel Solomon traveled with their family to Israel for the celebration of their daughter Ilana's bat mitzvah.
Senator Joseph Lieberman Moved by Visit to Jewish Agency Absorption Center
December 24, 2006 / 3 Tevet 5767 "This is the reason the United States Administration supports the Jewish Agency's efforts to absorb people coming from impoverished countries," said US Senator
A Chanukah Present for Sderot's Children
December 24, 2006 / 3 Tevet 5767 Hundreds of Sderot youth narrowly missed the escalating Kassam rocket attacks on their city, thanks to the Jewish Agency's Chanukah program that brought over 5,000
Light a Candle for Hope Campaign Shines Brightly
December 24, 2006 / 3 Tevet 5767 Eldad Regev, Ehud Goldwasser and Gilad Shalit, Israeli soldiers abducted on sovereign Israeli territory more than five months ago, are in complete darkness; their
“Et- iophia” Cultural Heritage Center Dedicated
December 21, 2006 / 30 Kislev 5767 On Wednesday, December 20th, hundreds of guests participated in the dedication of the “Et-iophia” cultural heritage center at the Jewish Agency Merhavia Absorption
Karol Ungar, Director of Jewish Agency Activities in the FSU, Dies Suddenly at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot
December 19, 2006 / 28 Kislev 5767 Jewish Agency Chairman: "He symbolized more than anyone else the great enterprise of aliyah, through which over one million immigrants emigrated to Israel from the
An Israeli Family Opens its Heart
December 19, 2006 / 28 Kislev 5767 Through its groundbreaking Babait Beyahad / At Home-Together program established in 2003 with the support of its partners around the world, the Jewish Agency
Dedication Ceremony at Mevaseret Zion Absorption Center
December 17, 2006 / 26 Kislev 5767 The Bernstein family recently attended a dedication ceremony at the Jewish Agency's Mevaseret Zion Absorption Center.
Light a Candle for Hope
December 12, 2006 / 21 Kislev 5767 On Monday the June 25 at 05:40 Palestinian para-military organization crossed the Gaza strip border into Israel and attacked an Israeli Army base which was within
Jump for Israel
December 11, 2006 / 20 Kislev 5767 December 3, 2006 was the first ever 'Jump for Israel' event in the New York area.
Sderot and Gaza Perimeter Residents Receive Jewish Agency Assistance
December 6, 2006 / 15 Kislev 5767 One sunny day in the southern development town of Sderot, 18-month-old Shiloh Na’amat was playing happily outside.
Members of New York State Assembly Visit Meron Absorption Center in Safed
December 6, 2006 / 15 Kislev 5767 On December 5, a delegation of members of the New York State Assembly visited the Meron Jewish Agency Absorption Center in Safed.
Major Breakthrough For The Jewish Agencys Daroma Initiative
November 29, 2006 / 8 Kislev 5767 On November 27, 2006 the Israeli government approved NIS 400 million to implement the National Strategic Plan for the Development of the Negev in 2007.
Zeev Bielski Received Friend of the Druze and Circassian Community Award
November 26, 2006 / 5 Kislev 5767 For the first time in the history of the Zionist Movement, the "Friend of the Druze and Circassian Community" Award was granted to the Chairman of the Jewish Agency
International Fair for Higher Education in Moscow
November 23, 2006 / 2 Kislev 5767 For the first time, the Jewish Agency took part in the International Fair for Higher Education, which was held in Moscow on November 16-18.
620 Thousand Dollars Granted to Families of Soldiers Killed in Lebanon
November 23, 2006 / 2 Kislev 5767 The Jewish Agency for Israel, in cooperation with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee are granting 620 thousand dollars toward families of soldiers
Bnei Menashe: First Day in Israel
November 22, 2006 / 1 Kislev 5767 New immigrants first day in Israel in their new home - the Karmiel Absorption Center. Click here to read more about Bnei Menashe.
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