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   December31 2004
19 Tevet, 5765 Jewish Agency Organizes "Global Israel Showcase" and Israel Programs Fair for 1200 Jewish Students from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Latin America Currently...
   December28 2004
16 Tevet, 5765 A Special El Al Flight Chartered by the Jewish Agency Bringing over 200 New Immigrants to Israel from North America Arrives Wednesday Morning,December 29, 2004 On Wednesday December...
   December27 2004
15 Tevet, 5765 The Fifth Orthodox General Assembly Monday-Thursday, 15-18 Tevet December 27 – 30, 2004 STAFF Name Itzchack Shtiglitz 0509000587 General Director of the...
   December26 2004
14 Tevet, 5765 Over 200 More North Americans to Arrive on Homecoming Flight to Israel Bringing 20-Year Record Total for 2004 Dignitaries to Join Hundreds of Family and Friends to Welcome Nefesh...
   December23 2004
11 Tevet, 5765 Coverage of Press Conference of December 12th Press conference coverage: CNS (second hit) - Dec 15 - 13th story:http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewFlash.
   December21 2004
9 Tevet, 5765 Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) Presents First Annual Award on December 21 Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA), the Jewish community organization in Argentina,...
   December20 2004
8 Tevet, 5765 The Israeli Cabinet Yesterday Approved the MASA Program -- a Revolutionary Initiative, Unprecedented in Scope of Bringing 1 out of Every 5 Young Jews from Around the World to a...
   December19 2004
7 Tevet, 5765 Coverage of Press Conference of December 14th on Aliyah from America Press conference coverage: *INN - Dec 14Israelnationalnews*JPOST - Dec 14*CNS NEWS - Dec 14 *Kol Israel English...
   December13 2004
1 Tevet, 5765 Summing-up of Immigration from North America for 2004 and Presentation of New Survey The Jewish Agency for Israel and Nefesh B'Nefesh invite you to a press conference, which will sum...
   December9 2004
26 Kislev, 5765 In an Unprecedented Event, the Jewish Agency Brings Half of France's Jewish High School Seniors to Israel on Sunday December 12th Despite the situation in Israel, this year saw...
   November29a 2004
16 Kislev, 5765 Following the Report on Poverty: JAFI Treasurer Requests a Further $4 million in Immediate Emergency Assistance for Thousands of Holocaust Survivors Now Below the Poverty Line The...
   November29 2004
16 Kislev, 5765 Jewish Agency Calls for Removing the Restrictions on Bringing New Immigrants From Ethiopia to Israel In relation to today's Israeli High Court of Justice hearing on the issue of...
   November28 2004
15 Kislev, 5765 JAFI Chairman Calls on Countries Worldwide to Condemn Anti-Semitic Acts and to Enact Appropriate Laws Sallai Meridor, Chairman of the Jewish Agency Executive and World Zionist...
   November16 2004
3 Kislev, 5765 The Jewish Agency at the GA Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom with Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel,Sallai Meridor at the GA in Cleveland Ohio.
   November10 2004
26 Heshvan, 5765 Bios of Lone Immigrant Students and SoldiersParticipating at the GA in Jewish Agency Events Tova Kasahun Through Atidm, I not only improved my grades and gained self-confidence,...
   November9b 2004
25 Heshvan, 5765 The Bar Mitzva of the Oldest Jewish School in Russia to be Celebrated in Israel A quarter of the graduates of the school have moved to Israel over the last decade.
   November9 2004
25 Heshvan, 5765 Do the Write Thing Conference for Jewish Student Journalists at the GA.
   November9a 2004
25 Heshvan, 5765 The Jewish Agency For Israel CELEBRATES ITS 75TH BIRTHDAY Since 1929, the Jewish Agency For Israel (JAFI) has remained steadfast in its mission to help promote the immigration of...
   November7 2004
23 Heshvan, 5765 Israeli Mayors Establish Israel-Diaspora Relations Task Force The Union of Israeli Mayors has decided to create an Israel-Diaspora relations task force, for the first time ever.
   November1 2004
17 Heshvan, 5765 Elite Academy: Boarding School Israeli Style Unique Scholarship Program Makes Debut in U.S.
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