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Brett Kline
Jewish Agency chairman, Zeev Bielski, right, stands with the European Jewish Congress´ Pierre Besnainou at a gala marking the anniversary of AMI, a French aliyah assistance agency, March 20 in Paris. More

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Juifs de France: le livre qui sème la division
April 30, 2006 Effrayée par l'antisémitisme en France à l'automne 2000, et à la recherche de nouveaux immigrants, l'Agence juive va dépêcher des émissaires pour convaincre les Français juifs de
Diaspora Bible Champ Crowned
April 30, 2006 by Hillel Fendel 17 Jewish youths from around the world reached the final stage of the Diaspora Bible Quiz held in Ashkelon, and one - Yisrael Mordechai Witty of Canada - was
Daughter of woman slain by husband arrives in Israel
April 30, 2006 By Yuval Azoulay and Ayanawo Farada Sanbetu "I want to raise my little brothers and sisters and be both mother and father to them.
Nefesh Immigrants Cite Smoother Aliyah
April 28, 2006 by Lisa Alcalay Klug, Contributing Writer New arrivals in Israel on Nefesh B'Nefesh 2005 Aliyah trip.
Religious courts fail to okay conversions for Ethiopians
April 27, 2006 By Amiram Barkat and Ayanawo Farada Sanbetu, Haaretz Correspondent Religious courts are refusing to approve the conversions of young Ethiopians who want to enroll in secular
Daughter of Slain Ethiopian Couple Making Aliyah
April 26, 2006 By RUTH EGLASH The daughter of Ethiopian couple Ilu and Adelu Beju, who died April 14 in a murder-suicide in their Or Yehuda home, is set to arrive in Israel Friday morning,
At the top of her game after only 5 months in Israel
April 26, 2006 By AMIR MIZROCH Rebecca Glueck (pronounced "Glick") has achieved quite a lot since making aliya five months ago.
Fulfilling a dream?Thirty years later, Ethiopian aliyah a mixed bag
April 26, 2006 by Simon Griver Israel Press Service In 1976, the Israel government gave Ethiopian Jews the right to immigrate to Israel after both Ashkenazi and Sephardi chief rabbis finally
Ukrainian skinheads stab Jew
April 23, 2006 Thugs mark Hitler's birthday by attacking, stabbing Safed yeshiva students marking Passover in Ukraine by Miri Chason Skinheads (Archive photo) Photo: Skinheads (Archive
Keshet rethinks who will get telethon donations
April 24, 2006 By Ruth Sinai and Ayala Tsoref Channel 2 franchisee Keshet yesterday retracted plans to transfer the entire proceeds of its Yomtov telethon to the Jewish Agency.
Ethiopian woman learns of parents' murder-suicide
April 21, 2006 By Ayanawo Farada Sanbetu, Haaretz Correspondent "I was only told at nine o'clock this morning that my father murdered my mother and then killed himself.
Ethiopian immigrant kills wife and self
April 20, 2006 An Ethiopian immigrant to Israel killed his wife and then himself in the presence of the couple’s eight children.
Ethiopian girl hasn't been told of mother's murder
April 20, 2006 By Ayanawu Farada Sanbetu, Yuval Azoulay and Ruth Sinai, Haaretz Correspondent On the eve of the Passover holiday, Abtam Beja, 21, received good news.
Daughter of slain Or Yehuda woman located in Ethiopia
April 18, 2006 By Yuval Azoulay and Ayanawu Farada Sanbetu Jewish Agency representatives in Ethiopia yesterday located the daughter of an Ethiopian immigrant who was killed by her husband in Or
Keshet telethon funds to go straight to Jewish Agency
April 17, 2006 By Ayala Tsoref Funds raised this year by Channel 2 franchisee Keshet's telethon for at-risk children will be distributed only to organizations associated with the Jewish Agency.
Officials Worried Ethiopians 'Falling Between Cracks'
April 15, 2006 By Ruth Eglash Spokesman for the Ministry of Social Affairs admitted to The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that there were not enough Ethiopian social workers available to help deal with
Many Young Jews Moving To Israel
Saturday, April 15, 2006 By CARA FITZPATRICK, Columbia News Service In elementary school, a boy on the playground told Scott Dubin that Jews believed in pots and pans, not Jesus.
Masa Program Provides Experience of Israeli Life
April 15, 2006 By Paul Haist The government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel have formed a partnership to enable Jews age 18-30 from North America and around the world to develop a
``No puedo decir que la aliá latinoamericana fue un fracaso´´
Domingo 14 de Abril de 2006 ``No puedo decir que la aliá latinoamericana fue un fracaso´´ Aurora charló con el directivo acerca de la realidad de los inmigrantes de América Latina y sus
A Young Violinist With a Lot of Pluck
April 14, 2006 By Beverly Gray, Contributing Writer Her name is Camilla Tsiperovich. But, growing up in Azerbaijan, there were times she wasn’t allowed to use it.
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