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Ms. Marcie Natan (WZO)

Board Member

Ms. Marcie Natan is Haddasah National President.


Zionism and love for Israel are in Marcie Natan’s heart. And Hadassah is in her DNA.  She has served the organization with her quiet strength, profound integrity, and generosity of spirit since her early twenties.


Marcie joined Hadassah and rose to President of the Eastern Pennsylvania Region. A former National Vice President, she has also served as Chair of Planned Giving & Estates, Major Gifts, Unit Assessment, and Hadassah College. Her positions have included National President’s Training Chair, National Secretary, and National Treasurer.


Marcie has traveled to Israel more than 50 times, including visits during both intifadas and the 2006 Lebanon War. Her time in Israel has intensified her passion and honed the perspective she has brought to Hadassah’s National Board and Executive Committee, and the Hadassah Foundation Board.


Marcie’s adventurous nature has taken her to other exotic locations, as well—from Machu Picchu to India and beyond. But as much as she loves to travel, Marcie is happiest when she’s with family—and hers is a four-generation Life-member family! All the men in her life are Associates, and she and her husband Eli, and their daughter Heidi and son David, are proud to be Hadassah Founders.


She is a Board member since November 2011.

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