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5. Unity of the Jewish People Committee

The Jewish Agency for Israel


The Board of Governors

October 2010                                                                               Heshvan 5771


Resolution: Unity of the Jewish People Committee


Whereas the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) has been committed throughout its history to advancing the unity of the Jewish People; and


Whereas JAFI has primary responsibility on behalf of the Jewish People to promote aliyah and ease the absorption of olim; and


Whereas many olim brought to Israel pursuant to the Law of Return and their offspring are not Jewish under halacha; and


Whereas JAFI, through its Committee for the Unity of the Jewish People and the Institute for Jewish Studies which JAFI sponsors, has worked to make the process of conversion more accommodative to applicants; and


Whereas the Nativ program, which facilitates Jewish instruction and conversion for applicants serving in the Israel Defense Forces, is sponsored by JAFI in collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces; and


Whereas on October 21, 2010 the Chief Rabbinate Council decided to establish a commission to examine the conversion carried out through the Nativ program; and


Whereas JAFI is extremely concerned that the establishment of the commission will cast unwarranted doubts on the validity of conversions accomplished through the Nativ program and discourage those who look to the program as an appropriate and valid method by which to embrace a Jewish identity.


Now Therefore the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel hereby:


Calls upon the Chairman of the Executive to convene an emergency meeting of the "roundtable", established at the request of the Prime Minister, and other relevant parties to reverse the establishment of the commission authorized by the Chief Rabbinate Council to examine conversions in the Israel Defense Forces;


Supports the taking of any and all appropriate measures necessary to reverse the establishment of the committee created by the Chief Rabbinate Council, including, if necessary, legal measures to seek the invalidation of the decision.


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